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Left Hand Fork Trail – Cache County

Near Hyrum, Utah


Campsites, OHV Riding, Off Roading, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Large Springs


12.1 Miles 1 Way

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

1-2 Hours by ATV





Water Info

Lots of water along entire trail

Best Season

Spring, Summer, Fall

Trail Condition

First 5 miles easy gravel road, last 7 miles rough, rocky trail.


At each campground and Richards Hollow Trailhead



Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

Left Hand Fork is a great road/trail that is located off of Blacksmith Fork Canyon near Hyrum, Utah and Hardware Ranch. The small canyon has several recreation opportunities but my favorite to for OHV riding. There is gorgeous scenery and and a really fun technical section. The first 5 miles of the canyon are family friendly and can be accessed by car. The canyon starts about 6 miles up Blacksmith Fork just before the city park. The road is located on the north side of the road. It is well signed. There is a decent sized staging area. Just after the parking area you will come to Leatham Hollow. It is a really amazing mountain biking or hiking trail that meets with Millville Canyon.


The entire road follows Left Hand Fork of the Blacksmith River. You are never far from the amazing sounds of running water. You will next come to the Friendship Campground which is a very popular camping spot.


All around this canyon are large cliffs and mountains.



Soon after Friendship is the Richards Hollow Trail. This is another really amazing mountain biking/hiking trail. There is also an outhouse at the trailhead if you need it.


One of my favorite areas of the canyon is Spring Campground as there are gorgeous cliffs above the creek and campground.

5 6

After spring campground you can head straight to stay on Left Hand Fork or head north to Cowley Canyon which meets up with Right Hand Fork and Mount Logan.

After this turn off the road progressively gets worse and worse. Most cars can’t make it past this point. I came in very early spring and there were lots of fallen logs to deal with.


If your vehicle can make it you will soon come to Gray Cliff Spring. This is a gorgeous spot that flows year round and is full of VERY clear water. There are lots of fish in this pool and I always see dippers here as well.

9 10

If you look closely you can see the work of Beavers all over this trail.


After the spring the trail gets very rough and is only suitable to OHV’s and the most advanced truck and SUV drivers. No stock vehicle could make it all the way to the end. The trail gets very rough and rocky but also gets prettier and prettier so it is worth getting beat up to see.

12 13 14

You soon reach the infamous rock garden section of the canyon. This is an area not to be taken lightly. I have seen several people have to spend the night here because they thought their Jeep or ATV could make it no problem. It would be very easy to catch a tire or break something on any vehicle. The section is only about 50 yards long but very rough. I included a video of an ATV in this area. I was there with snow as well which really hurt my traction but it was a lot of fun.

15 16


After the rock garden there are several areas that the road gets very thin. If you are worried about paint on a nice vehicle you may want to turn around at this point.


As the canyon climbs it gets thinner and prettier with lots of huge cliffs and pine forest.

18 19

The entire rough section is about 7 miles long and is really fun and a decent challenge on an ATV. You will know you are at the end when you see these large Beaver Ponds.


The end of the road is the trail on the right side of this photo


The Return: 

You can return back to your vehicle or go on to the many connecting trails here that can take you all over the Bear River, Monte Cristo, and North Wasatch Mountains. There are hundreds of miles of off road trail available from this area.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a really amazing place and I have been here more than thirty times. I often use it as my starting point to other destinations and is a great place to go just to relax. Its a really amazing trail if you have just a couple hours for a fun ride or several hours to head to other nearby trails as well.

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