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Deuel Creek – Centerville Utah

Centerville, Utah


Waterfall, wildlife, Deuel Creek, rope swing, many campsites.


Depending on what you do, it could be up to 2 miles round trip.

Parking Lot Elevation

4694 ft

Summit Elevation

5705 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

1011 ft

Time Required

1+ hours – depending on what you do.





Water Info

Bring 1-2 liters of water depending on what you are doing. You will hike next to Deuel Creek for the majority of the hike.

Best Season



Open year round

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is minimal. Lots of trees and shade.

Trail Condition

Very clear and easy to follow.



Visitor Center



In designated spots only. I counted about 8 campsites many of which are small but there is one that could fit several 4-person tents.


Bring snacks as needed


Good hiking shoes, hat, sunglasses, jacket

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead North: 40.917337°, -111.863836°
Trailhead South: 40.915700°, -111.861524°
Large Campsite:  40.916272°, -111.853430°
Waterfall and Waterslide: 40.916075°, -111.854140°
Rope Swing: 40.917302°, -111.844182°

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

This hike is fairly moderate in difficulty but it is very rewarding.  There are many campsites, pools and even a rope swing to try!

The trail starts off right on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail in Centerville.  The first half mile or so is not so interesting but once you reach the Large Campsite you will quickly see why this trail is so popular.

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

The North trail hugs the side of the mountain until you are well in Deuel Creek.Deuel Creek

I spotted several Mule Deer that were watching me pass along the canyon trail.Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Looking back towards Centerville.  It really was a great day to be hiking.

Deuel Creek

Here is the large campsite.  It can probably fit two 4-person tents.  There is another campsite just around the corner from this perch.  This campsite has a fire pit and several seats.  Deuel Creek

Here is a tent site which the scrub oak covers nicely.  It is located in the same area as the Large Campsite.

Deuel Creek

Another view of the Large Campsite looking back towards Centerville.  It only took me about 15 minutes to hike to the campsite from the North Trailhead.Deuel Creek

Here is the other campsite which is right around the corner from the Large Campsite.  It is a little overgrown but you could still place a 2-3 person tent here.

Deuel Creek

The trail continues from the Large Campsite back towards Deuel Creek.Deuel Creek

Once you hit the creek there will be snake grass everywhere.  It looks like a forest in some places with how thick it is.  As you continue hiking up the canyon you will find multiple fire pits and campsites.

Deuel Creek

There are many pool areas where the water is 1-3 feet deep.  I have found 8 inch fish in this creek so keep your eyes open.Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Another campsite area with a fire pit.
Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

There are tons of bridges that are in similar design to this.

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Another campsite and fire pit area.  I told you they were everywhere!

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

The rope swing area is about 1.5 miles from the North Trailhead.  Just be careful if you play on this as you never know when the rope may break.  That being said…it was a TON of fun swinging on this thing!! Enjoy!

Deuel Creek

In the same area as the rope swing there was a large pool area about 1-2 feet deep.

Deuel Creek

The trail went up and canyon still but I only followed it to the alcove which also had a fire pit in it. Then I turned back around to make the loop towards the waterfall.  There are waterfalls higher up the trail but I have yet to go up farther so I am not sure on the distance.

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Somebody put a pipe in the side of the hill and clear water is running out of it.  I didn’t drink from this but it would be a great place to filter water from.

Deuel Creek

I found this giant mushroom in the bushes.

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

IMG_4232Deuel Creek

I followed the trail back down and started going on the South Trail.

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Waterfall and waterslide.  It was really neat to see even though it was autumn and there wasn’t too much water coming down as there might be in the spring.

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

Deuel Creek

IDeuel Creek

I finally made the loop down to the South Trailhead.  This was an incredible hike and it was easy to access and hike.

The Return:

Head back towards your vehicle.

Personal Thoughts:

I first hiked up Deuel Creek on a whim and now it is one of my favorite places in Davis County.  It was really neat to see tons of snake grass and shallow pools almost the entire way up the canyon.  It was even fun to try the rope swing.  This would be a great place for families to camp and hike!

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These photos are beautiful, but the distance information is incorrect. I was made to think that to get to the falls might be 2 miles roundtrip, when in fact, from Deuel Creek North it was over a 4 mile roundtrip hike. With kids aged 5 & 8, this ended up being a more difficult and less rewarding hike than we had hoped.

Note to families with YOUNG children, this would probably be a better hike for middle school/high school kids, not younger elementary.