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Why become a Trek Planner Insider member?  As an Insider member you will get access to our exclusive list of GPS Coordinates, some historical documents and information, and some of our trail maps that we keep private.

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Here are some of the goodies we have in store for Trek Planner Insider members.  Once you are a member, hidden information will appear on the following Treks:

GPS Coordinates, Side Treks, historical information and more!

  1. Alaska – Glacier Erratics Hike Denali National Park
  2. Alaska – Gold Dredge #3 Fairbanks
  3. Alaska – Hi Yu Mine Fairbanks
  4. Alaska – Independence Mine State Historical Park Hatcher Pass
  5. Alaska – Martin Mine Hatcher Pass
  6. Alaska – Yanert Coal Mine Denali
  7. Idaho – Black Magic Canyon Shoshone
  8. Nevada – Cherry Creek Mine Complex Cherry Creek
  9. Nevada – Jackson Mines  Montello
  10. Nevada – Nevada Mine Exploring Rachel
  11. Utah – Adams Canyon Lower Waterfalls Layton
  12. Utah – Amazon Mine Logan
  13. Utah – Bair Canyon Snake Grass Falls & Mines Fruit Heights
  14. Utah – Baker Mine Brigham City
  15. Utah – Bella Vista Mine Fruit Heights
  16. Utah – Boston Terrace Newfoundland Mountains
  17. Utah – Buckmaster Mines San Rafael Swell
  18. Utah – Burro Mine Bountiful
  19. Utah – Centerville Mine Centerville
  20. Utah – Centerville Wagon Wheel Centerville
  21. Utah – Crystal Geyser Green River
  22. Utah – Dark Angel Petroglpyhs Arches National Park
  23. Utah – Davis Creek Pictographs Farmington
  24. Utah – Devils Playground Box Elder County
  25. Utah – El Dorado Mine Willard
  26. Utah – Farmington Canyon Mine Farmington Canyon
  27. Utah – Forgotten Mine Farmington
  28. Utah – Frary Peak – Seasonal Spring & Dooly Knob Antelope Island
  29. Utah – Fruit Heights Mine Fruit Heights
  30. Utah – Granite Creek Deep Creek Mountains
  31. Utah – Grist Mill Mine Farmington Canyon
  32. Utah – Hobbit Caves Logan
  33. Utah – Hornet Mines Farmington
  34. Utah – Indian Trail Hieroglyphs Ogden
  35. Utah – Isinglass Mine Bountiful
  36. Utah – Lucky Star Mine Cache County
  37. Utah – Magic Mystery Bridge Arches National Park
  38. Utah – Miller Creek Mines Farmington Canyon
  39. Utah – Monarch’s Cave Bluff
  40. Utah – Morris Creek Mines Farmington Canyon
  41. Utah – Muddy Creek San Rafael Swell
  42. Utah – OK Mine Simpson Springs
  43. Utah – Oro Del Rey Mine Deep Creek Mountains
  44. Utah – Patsy’s Mine Farmington
  45. Utah – Peanut Butter Bat Mine Newfoundland Mountains
  46. Utah – Pearson Canyon Willard
  47. Utah – Perry Canyon Mines Perry
  48. Utah – Providence Cave Cache Valley
  49. Utah – Red warrior Pictograph Timpie Valley
  50. Utah – Rhymney Mine Farmington
  51. Utah – Rosy’s Mine Paradise
  52. Utah – Rudd Canyon Sulfur Spring Farmington
  53. Utah – Sego Canyon Rock Art Sego
  54. Utah – Sego Ghost Town Sego
  55. Utah – Stone House Mine Newfoundland Mountains
  56. Utah – The Poison Strip Mine – Yellow Cat Mesa
  57. Utah – The Tunnel Arches National Park
  58. Utah – Trout Creek Deep Creek Mountains
  59. Utah – Utah Queen Mine Jacob City
  60. Utah – Wandering Jew Mine Jacob City
  61. Utah – Willard Pictographs Willard
  62. Utah – Willow Springs and Dinosaur Tracks Arches National Park
  63. Utah – Window Mine Fruit Heights
  64. Utah – Wolfman Petroglyphs Bluff

Disclaimer: As a general rule, The Trek Planner does not make public our database of GPS coordinates and some information to our mining Treks for non Insider members.  We do this for several reasons but most of all we are concerned for your safety.  We are also trying to protect these locations from people destroying or taking relics and vandalizing them.  Use the GPS coordinates at your own risk.  The Trek Planner is not liable for anything you choose to do with the information in our Treks including GPS coordinates.  We simply post GPS coordinates for your general information as a Trek Planner Insider member.   We please ask that you never share or re-post any of the Trek Planner Insider information on social networks, blogs, or other sites.  Thank you for your understanding! Enjoy!