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Davis Creek and Indian Bath Tubs – Farmington Utah

Farmington Utah – Northern Utah


Waterfalls, Davis Creek


About 1 mile round trip

Parking Lot Elevation

4843 ft

Summit Elevation

5370 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

527 ft

Time Required

1+ hours





Water Info

Bring a bottle of water. You will follow Davis creek the entire way up.

Best Season

Spring, summer, fall


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Lots of shade

Trail Condition

The rail is good up until the mouth of the canyon and then the trail is not as visible when you hike to the waterfall area. But the waterfalls are right near the mouth of the canyon.



Visitor Center



Allowed in camping spots only


Bring snacks as needed


Bring bag for food and water. If you plan to rock climb then plan on bringing the appropriate equipment and ropes. The longest climb will require 100 ft rope.

Davis Creek is a beautiful and easy hike.  You will probably not find anyone else on this trail.  Closer to the waterfalls near the mouth of the canyon you will find tons of moss and grassy areas.

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead: 40° 57.961’N, 111° 52.368’W
Davis Creek Overlook Bench: 40° 57.945’N, 111° 52.113’W
Davis Creek Waterfall: 40° 57.961’N, 111° 51.938’W
Rock Climbing Area:: 40° 57.952’N, 111° 51.960’W

Trail Map

Driving Directions:

You can park in the parking lot next to the reservoir or if there is room you can park next to the “Davis Creek Trail” sign.

The Trail:

The trail starts here right next to the road

This is a fun, short hike which climbs more than 537 feet to the waterfalls.  It isn’t really steep or difficult but it is a great hike for kids and families!

There are multiple areas of waterfalls so please see the “Side Trek” near the bottom of this page.

The trail for the most part is very clear and visible as you climb the .27 mile to the park bench that overlooks Davis Creek.

Found this marker along the trail

You will see many scrub oak trees and similar bushes all along the way.  I really love hiking this trail in the fall when all the colors begin to show.  But really, any time is a good time to hike Davis Creek!

Sign pointing you to Indian Bath Tubs and to the Waterfalls

A little ways up, you will come to a sign that points you to the left and goes down to “Indian Bath Tubs”.  The trail to the right goes roughly another 200 yards to the waterfall.

Continue right to the waterfall.

Please see the “Side Trek” below for more information about rock climbing and the Indian Bath Tubs.

You can kind of see the alcove just above the center and to the right in the above picture.

The trail continues on for another 200 yards or so and you will begin to see what appears to be a small alcove on the right hand side of the creek.  Continue to this area and you will be right around the corner from the waterfalls.

From here the trail is a little bit hard to see but it keeps going up the canyon a little ways.

This is not so much a waterfall as it is a waterslide.  The water flows over the rock and there is moss and grass all over the area making Davis Creek a beautiful hidden gem in Davis County.


Directly up above from the waterfalls is the climbing area that is roughly 75 feet above from the creek below.

There are anchors already in place but you will need the appropriate climbing equipment including descending devices, 100+ ft rope, shoes, helmets, gloves and people who know what they are actually doing.  I haven’t rappelled or climbed here but it would be a great place to learn!

Fremont Pictographs

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The Return:

Head back down the canyon following the same trail to your vehicle.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a great hike that is seldom visited.  There are multiple waterfalls and beautiful plant life in the area that make this hike hard to pass up.

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Indian Bath Tubs

Go back to where the sign “Indian Bath Tubs” was located and take the trail about 100 yards until you come to another waterfalls area.  There is a nice chain handline on the right side of the creek that you can use to go up to the bath tubs.  These tubs feature a two foot deep pool at the base of the waterfall that is big enough to hold several adults.  It is worth a swim in the hot summer months.

Below this there is another bath tub area too.

Indian Bath Tubs: 40° 57.962’N, 111° 52.032’W

Just below the trail there are two areas with climbing anchors that lead about 20 feet below to the bottom waterfall area.


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Kye McKenna

Fall is a great time for this hike, but I also love the Spring. The waterfalls really swell up and there tons of Yellow Avalanche Lilies on the path.


I totally Agree. I was just up there two weeks ago. The waterfalls were exceeding their boundaries, and the avalanche lilies were everywhere. As were many other flowers. It was great time to be up there.