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Rudd Canyon – Farmington Utah

Rudd Canyon, Farmington, Utah


Rudd Canyon, Rudd Ceeek, a sulfur spring


About 1.28 miles round trip from trailhead

Parking Lot Elevation

4780 ft

Summit Elevation

5611 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

831 ft

Time Required

1+ hour





Water Info

Bring 1 liter of water. You will be hiking close to Rudd Creek

Best Season

Spring, summer, fall


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Shade is minimal

Trail Condition

Trail is very sporadic. You will need to bushwhack



Visitor Center





Bring some snacks


Bring good hiking shoes, long pants are recommended as you will be bushwhacking, hat, sunglasses, bag for food and water

Rudd Canyon is very steep and the trail is often missing and or sporadic.  I had a hard time finding the trail after 1/2 mile of hiking.  After spending 3 hours bushwhacking in the small canyon I came across a small lukewarm sulfur spring that was right next to the creek.

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead: 40.992624°, -111.880477°

GPS Coordinates for Sulfur Spring

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Trail Map

Driving Directions

Depending on the season, and if the Farmington Canyon gate is closed, you may just need to park down by the Farmington Pond and hike up to the trailhead.

The Trail:

Rudd Canyon

Old water pipes at the Rudd Canyon Trailhead

The trailhead starts on the Firebreak road which is also the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, and it is nice and clear and easy to follow for a little ways up the canyon.

Dead Fox

This poor guy died still in the trap

About 100 yards up the trail from the Firebreak road I came across a dead red fox that was still trapped in a paw clamp.  It looked pretty fresh still.  Can’t imagine your dogs or children coming close to this thing…I mean, the trap was literally 8 feet from the Rudd Creek trail.

Quickly the trail disappears and I was left to assume where the trail continues.  Luckily, I found that the trail widens out until it comes into the canyon where there was a small fire pit.

Rudd Canyon

The trail is very faint and even nonexistent at times but just continue up the canyon

Rudd Canyon

The fire pit. After here the trail narrows and eventually disappears

Rudd Canyon

From the ridge of rock looking up the canyon

After the fire pit area the trail narrows exceedingly and it gets very steep.  I wasn’t certain where the trail went from here so I decided to just follow what seemed to be a game trail up to a ridge of rocks – I can see why not too many people hike up this canyon.

Rudd Canyon

Looking across at the north facing side of the canyon. There was a large landslide

The trail seemed to just end on this ridge of rocks but I had a nice view of the canyon and even the Great Salt Lake.  I convinced myself that I had gotten off the real trail and so I headed up the side of the mountain a few hundred yards until I found another trail.  This trail only ended to be another game trail and quickly stopped in front of a few thorn bushes.

Rudd Canyon

Rudd Creek actually has several waterslide and waterfall areas

I decided I would now head back down towards the creek and maybe I could hike up the canyon more.  This effort proved to be in vain as the creek had just as many bushes and trees to keep me from progressing up the canyon.  After accidentally falling down a very steep mud slide area I decided my adventure with Rudd Canyon was over.  I didn’t see any signs of old mines or any other interesting things so I followed the creek down a little ways and noticed a bad stench in the air.

Rudd Canyon

Sulfur spring meeting Rudd Creek

Upon investigation I found that the stench in the air was not me, but that it was a very small sulfur spring.  The sulfur had stained the mud and rocks brilliant orange and red colors and the water was just a little bit cooler than luke warm.  The spring is literally located right next to the creek and you could feel the difference in temperatures as the creek was freezing cold and the spring was not too bad.

Rudd Canyon

Sulfur stained rocks

The sulfur spring was a nice surprise and after talking with my brother about it, he thinks that it is the only thermal spring located in between the N. Salt Lake springs and the Ogden Hot Pots.

Rudd Canyon

Waterslide and waterfall area

After checking out the spring I followed the creek down another 50 yards then made my way back up to the ridge of rock and found the trail again and came back down.

Rudd Canyon


The Return:

Head back down towards your vehicle.

Personal Thoughts:

Rudd Canyon was a little disappointing.  It was very steep and there wasn’t much to see besides the few pine trees and the creek.  The sulfur spring is probably the only thing of “excitement” value in the canyon.  I was hoping to find mining prospects like there are in the adjacent canyons but there didn’t seem to be much of anything.

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