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Mount Logan via Right Hand Fork

Logan Canyon, Utah




48 miles with side roads

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

3-6 Hours





Water Info

Summer can be hot. I always pack at least a liter.

Best Season

Summer, Fall

Trail Condition

High Clearance 4x4 Road


Near Trail Head

Visitor Center



Yes. There is a National Forest Campground right by the trail head and open camping throughout the ride.

Family Friendly?


GPS Coordinates:

Trail Head:41.77770 N, 111.62024 W
Mount Logan:41.71345 N, 111.71751 W

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

This is a great area to explore. All the roads shown here are open to all vehicles. I have personally gone in a car, (not recommended) a truck, ATV, and Motorcycles. 4×4 is nice but won’t be necessary if the roads are dry. They can get muddy fast. You will need high clearance to get all the way to Mount Logan. The area can hold snow well into July some years so this one is better for summer and fall than for spring. There are several routes to the summit. We have already covered the routes through Millville Canyon, and Providence Canyon. I love the route through Right Hand Fork. It is easier and its the spot of my first date, and where I proposed to my wife. I try to make it back at least once a year. Its also a great spot to come at night during the summer and see the city lights thousands of feet below you from the peak. The parking lot is right by the LDS girls camp on the Right Hand Fork Road. Technically this Canyon is called Cowley Canyon but most people call it Right Hand Fork (the name of the road before the trail starts) so that’s what we will call it for this trek.

The first part of the canyon is very forested and can get very dusty with low visibility so take corners slowly.

At the top of Cowley Canyon you will come to a four way stop. To reach Mount Logan take a right. Left will take you to Ephraims Grave, and straight will take you to Left Hand Fork. The area around the intersection is covered in thousands of flowers during the middle to end of June.

Take your right and the trail immediately starts a steeper climb through large Aspen groves.

On your left will be trail number 160. This is a short side road that leads to great open views of Red Spur Mountain and the Monte Cristo Range off to the east. Coordinates: 41.72574 N, 111.63774 W

Look for trail number 151 on your right. This short road leads to a great overlook of the highest peaks in the Bear River Range and is also the start (or end) of the Card Canyon trail which drops steeply to Logan Canyon and is open to motorcycles. Turn off coordinates: 41.72729 N, 111.66717 W

Your next side trip will be on the right as well and is Trail 126. This is called Inspiration Point and is the best of all the side trails by far. There is not a width restriction but I would not take a full size vehicle down this road. It is steep and not great for beginner riders or drivers but the payoff is worth the effort if you are in an ATV, UTV, or Motorcycle. This road also meets the North Syncline Hiking Trail which is also open to Motorcycles about half its length. Inspiration Point is a ridge high above Spring Hollow in Logan Canyon and gives you some great views of the rugged north side of Mount Logan.

You get great views across Logan Canyon at the central and highest parts of the Bear River Range.

If you look far below you then you will see the Crimson Trail which is one of the most popular hikes in Cache County.

Back on the main road you will want to keep an eye out for trail 042 which goes to Mount Logan. If you miss this turn you will end up in Millville Canyon. The coordinates are: 41.70990 N, 111.69874 W

The road will quickly climb giving great alpine scenery as you near the peak.

Providence Peak is the smaller peak to the South.

The summit is marked by a small communication tower.

Keep an eye out for critters. I have seen Deer, Moose, Rattlesnakes, and Ground Squirrels while sitting on the summit.

The views from the summit are awesome. To the south you can see Mount Ogden, Thurston, Francis, Ben Lomond, and Willard Peaks.

To the west you can see the entire Wellsville Range.

Far off to the east you can see the Uinta’s on a clear day poking out beyond the Monte Cristo Range.

Again you are also rewarded with more views of the Bear River Range to the North.

This photo shows from left to right, Flat Top, Doubletop, Cherry Peak, Naomi Peak, and Mount Magog. Naomi is the highest point North of Salt Lake City in Utah.

After enjoying the scenery on top there is one last very short trail to the top of Providence Peak that gives you a couple different perspectives.  There are a lot of glacier lillies along the way during early summer.

Far below in the cirque you can see the small Providence Lake.

From the summit of Providence Peak you get an interesting perspective of the Mount Logan summit. It is much gentler on this south side than the north.

The Return:

From here you can return the way you came or make a point to point by going out Millville or Providence Canyons. Be sure to read our treks for these areas before going. Both are much more difficult than the Right Hand Fork route. Both are also lots of fun.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a great area that doesn’t seem to get as many people as other riding areas because its just far enough from the Wasatch Front to keep out the casual crowd. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of people in the area but not nearly as bad as Willard Peak or Farmington Canyon down the highway. There are plenty of options in the area for several days of exploring and this area is a blast!

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