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Moab Rim Trail

Moab, Utah


Great desert views above town

Time Required

2-5 Hours



Water Info

Pack plenty. There is none on the ride and you will be in hot sun the entire way.

Best Season

Any although if there is snow I would not recommend this in winter.

Sun Exposure

Absolutely no shade

Trail Condition

This is a very technical trail. Absolutely not for beginners or those afraid of heights.


At trail head

Visitor Center







4x4 will be a must.

Family Friendly?

Not for individual riders but good for passengers.

GPS Coordinates:

Trail Head:38.55931 N, 109.58186 W
Trail Lollipop Split:38.55740 N, 109.57050 W
Trail End:38.54822 N, 109.54751 W

Driving Directions

The Trail:

The Moab Rim Trail is one of the most famous off road trails in Moab. It is also one of the most easily accessible. The trail head is located right on the Kane Creek Road just barely in the canyon. This trail is open to all vehicles. We were mostly on ATV’s. This trail is about the limit for technical spots that an ATV can safely do. It would take a pretty built up 4×4 full size vehicle. For UTV’s it is technical but the longer wheelbase makes it much easier than an ATV. Dirt bikes can do the trail but it is very tiring. Under no situation should this trail be attempted by beginners. Make sure you go as a group. To do safely on ATV’s there will be times you will need to help each other keep the front ends down. You can see a lot of this in my video in the bottom of the trek. Video can show some obstacles much better than photos.  I did not take many photos this time because I was focused on safely riding and I did not have my good camera. This trail can be done in just a few hours and makes a great evening ride. Once on top of the rim the riding is much less technical and becomes very scenic.

There is a good sized parking area that is well signed off the main road.

You immediately begin climbing and will quickly reach the first obstacle. You will be crossing a large crack probably a foot and a half wide that sits right on the edge of a 400 foot cliff. This makes it the most nerve wracking spot right off the bat. Once one person goes (hopefully with partner assistance) you will see its very doable and not nearly as bad as it seems.

From here the trail is basically one set of step ledges after another. Some easy and some very large which can test even built 4×4 rigs. Take your time and help each other out and you will be just fine.

The views up canyon of the Colorado River are great!

Once on top of the rim you will be rewarded great views of Moab, the La Sal Mountains, and the surrounding areas near Arches National Park.

From the overlook you can turn around and head back or make this trail into a lollipop loop. Keep heading south from the overlook until you reach the split. The coordinates are given above. This trail will loop around and take you near hidden valley. There are some really fun and less stressful climbs and slick rock in this area and even a large dune. (riding is not allowed on the dune but could be a fun place for the kids to play) I thought this area was prettier than the overlook.

Here is a short video of our adventure on this trail:

The Return:

Eventually the loop section will pop you back on the main trail where you will have to return down the technical rim section. Enjoy the great views on the way and be safe!

Personal Thoughts:

This is a fun, challenging trail that is worth doing at least once for the challenge alone. The views at the top are icing on the cake.

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