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Coronado Beach – San Diego California

Coronado Beach, San Diego – Southern California


Beach, resorts, Coronado Island


The beach is located right next to several major roads. It is less than a hundred yards to the actual surf.

Parking Lot Elevation

Sea level

Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

1+ hours


Not allowed on beach


No fees associated with this trek

Water Info

Bring 1-2 liters depending on how active you are going to be. Right next to the ocean

Best Season



Open year round

Sun Exposure

No shade on beach

Trail Condition

No trail. Beach is open area



Visitor Center

No, but there is a lifeguard station


Not allowed


Bring food. Many restaurants nearby.


Swim suit, towel, umbrella, sun block, hat, sunglasses, sandals

GPS Coordinates

Coronado Beach:  32°40’57.88″N, 117°11’1.64″W

Trail Map

Driving Directions:

The Trail:

A beautiful beach

A beautiful beach

The only trail is the sidewalk that is directly to the east of the beach which winds around to several of the resorts.  To access the beach there are stairs that lead down to the shore. The beach is an open area where you are free to use as you please.

Coronado Beach is one of the highest rated beaches in the United States (source).  Miles of fine white sand make this beach a must experience.  Numerous resorts and other establishments in the area provide outstanding food and accommodations.

The beach itself is clean, except for the occasional washed up kelp.  Shells are small and mostly broken.  You will find that the surf sparkles in the sun due to the pyrite in the sand.

A great beach to relax and play

A great beach to relax and play

There are bathrooms, showers, volleyball courts and several life guard towers along the beach.  The main life guard tower lies just north of the Hotel Del Coronado (large hotel with red roofing) should you need any assistance please contact the life guards in the area.

The naval bases nearby might provide some extra viewing of the helicopters flying overhead and even some private jets that land nearby on base.  You can also sometimes see giant naval vessels floating off shore.

The Hotel Del Coronado is a great place to enjoy your day

The Hotel Del Coronado is a great place to enjoy your day

Hotel Del Coronado which is located right on the beach front, is a wonderful place to stop and visit a little while, get lunch or ice cream or even spend a few nights. If you do get ice cream, make sure you get the peanut butter sundae. It has gotta have over 2000 calories but it is worth every bit of it!

The Return:

Head back to your car

Personal Thoughts:

I love Coronado Beach because it is clean and peaceful.  Granted the nicer beaches are going to attract the most visitors but every time I have come here I find that I can still enjoy the area without feeling suffocated from all the crowds.  The food at the nearby Hotel Del Coronado is always nice and there is much to do as well.  This is an excellent place to bring families.

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Tide Pools

Tide Pools

Exactly west of the Hotel Del Coronado you will see tons of large rocks right up next to the surf.  In this area you will see tiny ecosystems of crab, muscles and a host of vegetation.  These aren’t the greatest tide pools however if you are around in the area they are worth a look.

Please be careful as you navigate through this area as the rocks are slippery and jagged.

This Side Trek takes an additional 10-30 min

Tide Pools: 32°40’43.08″N, 117°10’47.69″W

Coronado Beach – San Diego

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