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Yellowstone Driving Guide: Fishing Bridge to Grand Teton

Yellowstone Park Entrance Fee

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Spring, Summer, Fall

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Fishing Bridge, Grant Village


Bridge Bay, Grant Village, Lewis Lake


Lake Village, Grant Village

The Trail:

For an overview of our entire Yellowstone National Park Driving Guide visit the overview page by clicking here


The section of road between Fishing Bridge and the entrance to Grand Teton National Park is surprisingly one of the lesser traveled areas because there are none of the super famous tourist stops but I think there are some great things to see. Fishing Bridge itself is a famous historical spot and is great to get out and take the short walk across the bridge and see if you can spot any trout in the river.

If you take a 45 minute round trip side trip east of fishing bridge you can go to Lake Butte Overlook. This area gives you a birds eye view of the giant Yellowstone Lake.

Back at Fishing Bridge you will head south to get to the South Entrance at the North Entrance for Grand Teton. You will quickly come to Lake Village that houses the famous Lake Hotel which would be a great place to stay and has a great open lounge where you can relax, eat, and take in the views of Yellowstone Lake.

Very close to the hotel is Bridge Bay where you can launch boats onto Yellowstone Lake. On our last visit to the area there was a Great Gray Owl hanging out.

The views of the lake in this area are awesome with the Absaroka Mountains towering over the views in the distance.

There are several great picnic spots along this stretch and the Gull Point Drive brings you through the forest along the shore of the lake. If you plan to stay for lunch pack a jacket. I have never been here when it wasn’t breezy.

Mount Sheridan is the prominent peak overlooking the lake.

This is also a decent area for wildlife.

The next main stop is the West Thumb Geyser Basin. This area is a great short hike and is covered in a separate Trek here:

West Thumb Geyser Basin

Keep heading South from the basin to hit the final stretch to the park exit. You will pass Lewis Lake which is the third largest lake in Yellowstone. At the south end of the lake there is a small turn out where you can see Lewis Falls which is a wide waterfall that is 35 feet tall.

Later down the road just before the exit you will see a small brown sign for Moose Falls. This is a 20 second hike to a pretty little 25 foot waterfall that is worth a stop. Swimming is no longer allowed at this spot.

The area where Yellowstone ends and Grand Teton begins can be breathtaking in the fall. Make sure you spend at least a little time exploring the spectacular Tetons. For ideas visit our page:

Grand Teton National Park


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