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Temple Fork Sawmill – Logan Canyon

Logan Canyon, Utah


Beaver Dams, Mountains, Creek, Old Sawmill Site


6.4 miles round trip

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

2-4 hours





Water Info

There are streams and ponds the entire way to filter but I would recommend bringing your own since its not a long hike

Best Season

Any. In the spring you would have add about a mile and park on the highway but the whole hike should be snow free by mid April. This would also be a good spot for snowshoeing or cross country skiing in the winter.



Sun Exposure

The first half is out in the open, the second half is largely shaded

Trail Condition

Well traveled dirt path. The beaver dams are threatening to take over the trail in spots so you may need to do some minor climbing around the hillsides. I had to in the fall so I imagine spring would be worse.


At trail head

Visitor Center






Family Friendly?


GPS Coordinates:

Trail Head:41.82655 N, 111.57513 W
Sawmill Sight:41.80633 N, 111.54276 W

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

This was the last trail I hiked in November before all the forest gates were closed for winter. It was after most of the leaves had fallen off the trees so I was not expecting much for scenery. I came away pleasantly surprised. I found this hike to be very enjoyable and very pretty. It turned out that some of the waterside plants were still in their color stages making the last half of the hike gorgeous. Even though it rained the entire time it was one of the most peaceful, enjoyable hikes I had all year. This entire hike is covered with beaver dams and ponds. If you like to see those then this is the hike for you. (count me with the group who loves to see these little critters) The hike is popular because it ends at the spot that used to have a huge sawmill that was used to build much of Cache Valley, but most notably the LDS Temple there. (hence the name Temple Fork) Although the history is cool the sawmill isn’t much of a destination but following the Temple Fork of the Logan River, all the beaver dams, and the gorgeous canyon definitely make this worth while. This is a very family friendly hike since there is a very gradual gain of just over 600 feet over 3 miles.

After turning onto the temple fork road from Logan Canyon its about a half mile to the trail head which is in the corral area to the east of the road. The trail is signed.

The beginning of the hike is all out in open sage brush meadows. But like I said before the beaver ponds start early and happen often. I can’t believe the work put into this area by them.

There were several very fresh chews.

You will soon begin approaching the canyon that will take you to the sawmill.

The further into the hike you get the bigger the dams get and the prettier the scenery gets.

I really liked this double dam.

The second of the two was huge. I would guess it was about 15 feet tall! At the top of this is where the pond was almost overtaking the trail and with the slick mud it was easier to climb through the sage up the hill a bit instead of fall into the cold water which looked to be pretty deep with a deep turquoise color.

You will next come to a huge cottonwood grove with dam after dam after dam.

The beavers were in the process of chewing through this tree that was several feet around. I can’t believe they can knock down stuff this size.

After the cottonwoods the dams die down until you are close to the sawmill. Here the canyon narrows and this is where it got very pretty. I loved the colors and the creek in this area. It was much prettier than I was expecting.

Once the canyon opens back up you will see signs of the beavers again and soon you will come to the sawmill site. There is only a plaque and a few remnants left.

You can continue hiking up the canyon but this is where I turned around.

It is also worth the short detour to head just south of the mill site and follow the stream until you come to a really gorgeous spring. This would be a great spot to filter some water for a cold drink.

The Return:

You will return the same way you came.

Personal Thoughts:

As I have already stated I really enjoyed this hike. I thinks its a great family friendly hike with great views and can be done any time of the year. I definitely recommend it for anyone staying in Logan or Bear Lake.

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