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Lily Lake and Wolverine ATV Trail – Uinta Mountains

Uinta Mountains, Utah


Mountains, Lakes, Rivers



Summit Elevation

Over 10,000 feet

Elevation Gain/Loss





Mirror Lake Highway Recreation Pass ($6)

Best Season

Summer, Fall

Trail Condition

There are a broad range from graded dirt roads to rough 50 inch width two track


At Lily Lake

Visitor Center






Family Friendly?


GPS Coordinates:

Turn off Mirror Lake Highway:40.98952 N, 111.12687 W

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

Lily Lake is a great spot in the Uinta Mountains. We camped in the area to ride ATV’s but its also a great spot for regular campers, hikers, and floaters/kayakers. I don’t know how the fishing is in the lake but there were plenty of people fishing there. Lily lake itself has one small area covered in Lily’s, hence the name.

I found it to be a beautiful lake to watch at sunset and it really was a fun area to camp. We were awarded with great sunsets both nights.

The stars at night were amazing as well.

There are tons of open camping areas near the lake and there is also a yurt you can rent for a group ahead of time.

As far as the ATV riding goes you will definitely want a forest service map pictured above that shows the different trail numbers to help you find your way through the maze of trails. For this reason this area should be approached as a “choose your own adventure” type of trip. I will highlight some areas I loved but there is no set trail or ride. There are lots of roads open to all vehicles but we had the most fun exploring the trails limited to 50 inch vehicles. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse but apparently people can see gates literally designed and signed to keep them out and still think they need to get their RZR through. Please don’t ruin these great trails for everyone. The 301 set of trails is what is officially known as the Wolverine ATV Trail.

The 50 inch trails here were lots of fun and vary in difficulty. Most any 4×4 ATV, and any dirt bikes could go anywhere. The trails can get dusty and are all very rocky. This is true for all trails in the Uintas. It’s really the only thing that brings them down in my book. By the end of the day it felt like our brains had jarred loose even riding on my cushy Grizzly. Much of the area was recently hit by a wild fire and you will ride through several areas of deadfall.

Right around Lily Lake there were some really pretty aspen groves which are like a religious experience to me. (my friends make fun of my love of hearing the wind wisp through the aspens)

Many of the rivers have sturdy bridges making crossing safe. There are some gorgeous rivers in the area.

One of my favorite spots (if not my very favorite) is where one trail crosses right through the East Fork of the Bear River. The crossing was quite deep in July and we had a lot of fun splashing through the water. The crossing is at 40.88521 N, 110.79484 W

You got a nice little view of a High Uinta peak from the crossing.

After the crossing you will be on forest road 059 which ends at a scout camp. If you are on ATV’s take the road to the camp. At the end of the road there is a new trail #304 that switchbacks up the mountain at Deadman Pass and connects with Trail 061 where you get awesome views of a ridge of the Uintas from well over 10,000 feet. The connector trail is not on the map but is clearly marked as open at the trail head. The connector trail #304 is at 40.85868 N, 110.75396 W

Personal Thoughts:

This is a great area to spend a day or two exploring. There is a lot to see and the lake is a great area to relax. If you can get around the fact the trails are rocky then its a lot of fun and well worth the time!

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Nice pictures. Are there trails open to utv’s wider than 50 inch?


Wolverine Trail looks fun. Question? Is the trail restricted to 50″ or can I rider my UTV there that is wider than 50″.