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Steep Canyon and Crescent Lake – Franklin Basin

Franklin Basin in Logan Canyon near Beaver Mountain and Bear Lake


Crescent Lake, Doubletop Mountain


6.37 Miles Round trip if you go to Double Top Overlook

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

2-3 hours





Water Info


Best Season

Summer, Fall


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Shade is minimal

Trail Condition

Steep, Rocky


At Franklin Basin Turnoff

Visitor Center





Bring snacks and meals as needed


ATV or dirt bike, bag for food and water

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead: 41º 58′ 06″ N, 111º 35′ 51″ W
Crescent Lake Trailhead: 41.97091 N, 111.62709 W

Trail Map

Driving Directions: 

The trail can be accessed from Preston Idaho via the Cub River Road, or via Logan Canyon on Franklin Basin Road. Once on the Franklin Basin turnoff the Steep Canyon Trailhead is on the west side of the road 3.22 Miles down Franklin Basin.

The Trail: 

This is a trail that could be done several ways. I rode my ATV. But I also encountered mountain bikers and hikers. If on bike or OHV you will have to hike to Crescent Lake but you can get most of the hard stuff out of the way. Once off Franklin Basin Road there is a sign marking the trail.


This is a beautiful trail but is fairly rough. 4×4 is not neccesary but sure was nice. Most high clearance trucks would be just fine on this road. Here is a bit of what the trail is like. Lots of loose rock. This canyon is called Steep Canyon for a reason. It is very steep and would be a great workout for hikers and bikers. I encountered both.

2 3 4 5

At the top of the canyon you will come to a 3 way Fork. The middle fork brings you to a small campsite. The left fork is a very steep rough atv trail that brings you to an overlook of Doubletop Mountain. Doubletop is the second highest mountain in Cache County, and the Bear River Range at 9,873 feet in elevation. Steep Canyon is also one of three trailheads to the summit. If I were to do it though I would hike from Boss Canyon. Here is Doubletop. It is a gorgeous peak well known for the Pika that live near the summit. It is a seldom visited summit and a great hike if you have the time. It is a steep one though. Go figure with the name of the canyon.

DSC_6251 DSC_6249 DSC_6248

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The right fork goes to the trail head for Crescent Lake. Please park at the marker and don’t try to go further.


I tracked my hike to the lake and there and back I hiked 1.5 miles with about 400 feet of gain. The trail is quite pretty with lots of birds and a couple of springs. The discernible trail will end just before the lake. Just scale the hill to the northwest and the lake is just over the hill. Here is what most of the trail looks like.


This is a very pretty little alpine lake. I went in November so the water level wasn’t very high but still very beautiful. By this time of year most of the large animals have gone to lower ground but I did see Moose, and some Lynx, and Bobcat tracks in the snow. This lake is a perfect place to eat lunch.

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 The Return:

Return back the way you came. There are several other canyons on the Franklin Basin road you can explore if you want more.


Personal Thoughts: 

This is a beautiful area. It is usually pretty quiet especially at the lake as most people don’t know that it is there. Its pretty high in elevation so its nice and cool year round. Its a great hideaway spot for me with some fun challenging riding. Next time I plan on taking the bike for some great exercise.

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