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Best Hikes in Northern Utah and Cache County

The List:

This is a list of our favorite hikes in Northern Utah! For this list Northern Utah is considered to be anything north of Ogden. Most are in Cache County with a few in Box Elder County. I will be constantly adding to or changing this list. This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are hundreds of miles of trails in this area and its a spot that is close to my heart and in my opinion very underrated for hiking. The trails all see far less people than many other areas in the state and offer just as much beauty! Each trail listed has a link with much more detailed information. It was very hard coming up with an order for this list. Have you been to any of these? Do you agree or disagree with my numbering? Let us know where you have been and how you liked it and be sure to share this with all your friends!

1 High Creek Canyon

This is my favorite hike in the area. It has a lot to offer including a gorgeous roaring creek, seasonal waterfalls, amazing wildflowers, wildlife, a beautiful lake, and an alpine environment. This is an amazing spot to see what Utah Wilderness has to offer as you pass through the heart of the Mount Naomi Wilderness.

High Creek Canyon Trek

2 Jardine Juniper Tree

This hike takes you to what is perhaps the most iconic landmark in Northern Utah, the oldest known Rocky Mountain Juniper. This one is great for fall colors and has great sweeping views much of the way!

Jardine Juniper Trek

3 Willard Canyon

Willard Canyon is perhaps the most unique hike on this list. Its part hike, part bushwhack, with a little bit of canyoneering. There is a whole lot of water in the spring and is a great spot to see Mountain Goats. This ventures into some incredibly rugged terrain and is a lot of fun!

Willard Canyon Trek

4 White Pine Lake

This is not to be confused with the White Pine Lake near Salt Lake City. (In my opinion this is a better destination) This White Pine Lake is one of three gorgeous Alpine Lakes in the Tony Grove area of Logan Canyon. This is one of the best hikes anywhere to view wildflowers and great mirror effect views at the lake!

White Pine Lake Trek

5 Doubletop Mountain

Doubletop has everything to offer that Naomi Peak does but it does it without all the crowds and some bonuses. This is the second highest peak in the Bear River Range and it is home to a small group of Pika. These are awesome creatures to see and the hike offers awesome views in every direction!

Doubletop Mountain Trek

6 Naomi Peak

As much as I ragged on Naomi in the last Doubletop review it really is an amazing hike with gorgeous views en route to the highest point north of Salt Lake City. The easy access from Tony Grove makes this hike one of the busiest in the area but still far quieter than many to the south.

Naomi Peak Trek

7 Tony Grove Nature Trail

Tony Grove Lake is a beautiful alpine lake with large limestone cliffs on one side. The nature trail around the lake is very family friendly and is beautiful pretty much all year!

Tony Grove Nature Trail Trek

8 Temple Fork Sawmill

This is a fun trail that features beaver dams pretty much the whole way and is a great streamside hike. The hike ends at the site of a huge sawmill that helped settle most of Cache Valley.

Temple Fork Sawmill Trek

9 Richards Hollow Waterfall

This is a great short hike (with an option for much longer) that takes you along a creek through thick forest and to a small beautiful waterfall. This one is great for families!


Richards Hollow Trek

10 Devils Playground

Located in far western Box Elder County this area is like a smaller version of nearby City of Rocks. This is a really fun place to hike, camp, and explore. The rock formations are very unique and of course there is unlimited rock scrambling which has entertained me since I was a young kid.

Devils Playground Trek

11 Preston Valley

Located in Green Canyon in North Logan this trail very quickly climbs the ridge between Green and Logan Canyon giving you some of the best views of the massive Mount Logan and is a great route to climb nearby Beirdneau Peak. This one can also be linked with the popular Wind Cave Trail.

Preston Valley Trek

12 Limber Pine Trail

The Limber Pine Trail offers a great short hike near the summit of Logan Canyon. You will get great views of Bear Lake and you will see a huge Limber Pine that is actually two trees that have grown together.

Limber Pine Trek

13 Crimson Trail

The Crimson Trail is one of the most crowded in the area but this is for good reason. This hike is at relatively low elevation making it hikeable early in the year making it a great spring hike. You will get to skirt the edge of the huge china wall formation of limestone that is seen throughout much of Logan Canyon.

Crimson Trail Trek

14 Bluebell Mine

The Bluebell Mine is a great spot in the far southern end of Cache County located on the back side of Powder Mountain Ski Resort. This trail crosses private land so be very respectful so we can continue to use the trail. It ends at a gorgeous mine site with old cabin remains and a very short mine tunnel.

Bluebell Mine Trek

15 Millville Peak

Millville Peak is a pretty area that affords great views of Mount Logan and the surrounding area. You can see as far as the Wasatch above salt lake and on a clear day you can see parts of 4 states from the top. You can take a long hike or a short hike by driving the rough 4×4 road part of the way.

Millville Peak Trek

16 Wood Camp Hollow

This is a rarely visited area that can be a bit of bushwhack but is great for solitude and has two large early spring waterfalls!

Wood Camp Hollow Trek

17 Willow Creek/Little Cottonwood

This is a great spot that is perfect for seeing Elk herds in the spring and offers great views of Mount Jardine and Mount Elmer.

Willow Creek/ Little Cottonwood Trek

18 Twin Creeks/ Bubble Spring

This is another one that is best done in spring before the cattle ruin the canyon. It takes you through lush green country and beautiful aspen groves with a great view of Mount Elmer at the end.

Twin Creeks/ Bubble Spring Trek

19 Wind Cave

The wind caves are the most popular hike in Logan Canyon by far. They may deserve a higher spot here but the crowds scare me off quite a bit. The area is gorgeous and you get great views of the china wall formation and Mount Logan. This one is accessible fairly early in the spring.

Wind Cave Trek

20 Waterfall Canyon

Not to be confused with the Waterfall Canyon in Ogden, this Brigham City version makes for a great evening hike in the spring before the falls dry up. Its a steep loose hike but is a fun adventure!

Waterfall Canyon Trek

21 Perry Canyon

Perry Canyon is a nice little canyon that opens up very early in spring. This area can go clear to Grizzly Peak if you so wish but I usually hike to the old graphite mines and back. This trail also makes a great mountain bike ride.

Perry Canyon Trek

Personal Thoughts:

Again feel free to let us know what you have hiked and what you think should be added to the list. Northern Utah has some great places to get out in nature and is a great spot for anyone to explore!

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Great list! I just stumbled onto this site and I’m glad I did.


Welcome to the site! We’re glad you like it. Feel free to contact us any time with questions about treks or camping plans

Kye McKenna

Thanks for posting this awesome list. It brings back so many great memories of living in Cache Valley. Now I’m down by SLC, but hope to head back and tackle a few hikes this summer.