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Jackson Mines – Montello Nevada

About 14 miles northwest of Montello, Nevada


Lots of old mining relics, many prospects


Many prospects and mines to explore. Most are caved in but there are a few that you can still enter.

Parking Lot Elevation

5659 ft

Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

1+ hours





Water Info

Bring 2-3 liters of water. There are no water sources

Best Season



Open year round

Sun Exposure

Shade is minimal

Trail Condition

Trails are in great condition. You can drive right up to the two major mines with the head frames but you will need to hike up to the other mines that aren't on any trails. Luckily, the bushes are low to the ground and it is easy hiking.



Visitor Center



Allowed in approved spots and not on private property


Bring meals and snacks


Good hiking shoes, backpack for food and water, 2 flashlights with extra batteries, helmet, gloves, sunglasses and hat.

GPS Coordinates

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Driving Directions

A high clearance or 4×4 vehicle is recommended. The road leading up to the mines is just a dirt road and you will be about 14 miles away from the nearest town so plan accordingly.

The Trail:

Jackson Mines

Head frame to the Jackson #1 Mine

We decided to check out the Jackson mines because we had a map that showed mines all over the place in the area and it seemed interesting.  We had no idea what we would find out there but we wanted to see it.

Jackson Mine #1

Jackson Mine #1

The first mine which I am calling the Jackson Mine #1 because it appears to be the largest mine with the biggest tailings pile.  It also has a head frame and an old structure right behind it.  This mine is sadly caved right at the top and it appeared to be a vertical shaft.

Jackson Mines

Here is the ore dump to the Jackson #1 Mine

Jackson Mines

There were several vertical shafts that were closed

The mines in the surrounding area are also all closed and gated.  We found several vertical shafts that had some amazing potential but since they were gated we had no way of getting inside.

Jackson Mines

Another view of the ore dump

Jackson Mines

Jackson Mine #2

Travel up the dirt road a little ways and you will come to what I call the Jackson Mine #2.  This mine seems to be much older than the #1 mine and it has several very old buildings and shacks in the area too.  There were several dugouts and even an old outhouse next to the head frame to the #2 mine.  The #2 mine was a vertical shaft that is still open that went down several hundred feet.  We hooked up a rope to our friends truck and two of us decided to descend the vertical shaft just below the head frame to check it out.

Jackson Mines

Checking out the vertical shaft down the #2

This shaft was very dangerous and crumbly.  After our two friends descended about 75 feet they decided to climb back up as the walls were too unstable and they didn’t feel safe.

Jackson Mines

The office or miners shack

Two old buildings are behind the #2 mine and one appeared to hold some kind of hoist.  The other building was just an office or miners shack but it was located right next to a small adit.

Jackson Mines

The doorway leading into the small adit with the vertical shaft

Jackson Mines

The tiny entrance to the 20 foot vertical shaft

The adit went in about 35 feet but it had a vertical shaft inside of it that dropped about 20 feet to another level.  We were very hesitant to go down the shaft, even though it had a ladder, because it was dirty and filthy with pack rat droppings and nests all over.  We don’t want to catch some weird disease!

Jackson Mines

Looking down the 20 foot vertical shaft that was filthy

Jackson Mines

An adit about 75 yards up from the Jackson #2 mine

After exploring a little bit up the hills we found another small adit that went in a few hundred feet and comes to an end.  It was still neat to check out and explore.

Jackson Mines

Just inside the adit

Jackson Mines

Looking at the end of the adit

Jackson Mines

Old monument of stone

I did my own exploring and found several old stone monuments that were used as location markers for the mines.  I checked around one of the stone monument and found an old tobacco can that had a piece of paper in it which described the Notice Of Location for one of the Jackson claims.

I took a few pictures then returned the paper into the can and hid it in the same location.

Jackson Mines

Prince Albert Crimp Cut

Jackson Mines

From November 3, 1917

Jackson Mines

Old outhouse

Around the Jackson #2 mine we explored the other ruined dugouts and found tons of old food cans laying around.  There were other neat artifacts and mine entrances around the area but for the most part, they were all closed or caved in.

Jackson Mines

Old dugout

Jackson Mines

Tons of old cans

Jackson Mines

We found an old maple syrup can from the early 1900’s at the bottom

The Return:

Head back towards your cars.

Personal Thoughts:

The Jackson Mines could have some very great potential for exploring.  Yet, as we personally discovered, most are closed and impassable.

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