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Yellowstone Driving Guide: Tower to Fishing Bridge

Yellowstone Park Entrance Fee

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Summer, Fall

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Tower Fall, Canyon Village


Roosevelt Lodge, Canyon Village, Tower Fall

The Trail:

For an overview of our entire Yellowstone National Park Driving Guide visit the overview page by clicking here.

The section of road between Tower and Fishing Bridge contains the highest road in the park, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and offers some of your best chances to see wildlife. (Especially Bears) Your first stop heading south from the Tower-Roosevelt Junction will be at Calcite Springs. The geology is very interesting here and the views of the Yellowstone River are gorgeous.

Can you spot a Bighorn Sheep here?

Your next stop should be Tower Fall. Be sure to at least take the 100 yard walk to the overlook of the falls.

There is a longer hike as well that you can find here:

Tower Fall Trek

The area around tower fall is very popular with black bears such as this one we saw eating a deer.

From tower fall the road climbs very quickly up the highest road in the park over Dunraven Pass at 8,859.This area is absolutely gorgeous and gives great views of Mount Washburn, (easily identified by the fire watch tower on top) the Absaroka Mountains to the north, and the sunrises here are breathtaking. If you hit Dunraven in the early morning the chances are great that you will see a bear or two. Mount Washburn is also one of the most popular hikes in the park known for its great wildflowers.

As you drop down the back side of Dunraven Pass you will quickly come to Canyon Village where you will get some of the best (and busiest) views in the park where the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone boasts three large waterfalls, and numerous scenic outlooks. I highly recommend spending at least a half day here if you haven’t visited before. It is spectacular. For info on some of the different opportunities here visit these different treks:

Canyon Overlooks Trek

Uncle Toms Trail Trek

Brink of Lower Falls Trek

Red Rock Point Trek

Heading south past canyon you will pass into a wide open valley that follows the Yellowstone River. Hayden Valley is one of the two most popular spots in the park for seeing wildlife.

The valley itself is extremely scenic and peaceful and you can see Mount Washburn tower over the area in the distance.

At the south end of Hayden Valley you will come to the Mud Volcano. As a kid this was my favorite spot because I believed the Dragons Mouth feature was an actual dragon. There are some interesting thermal features here.

Mud Volcano Trek

Just across the street from the parking area is the Sulphur Cauldron that is an interesting spot.

The last stop on this trip is LeHardys Rapids. For a couple weeks each may you can see some of my favorite birds (The Harlequin Duck) swimming through the rapids. Later in the summer you can see the trout heading to their spawning grounds. The park has built several viewing platforms.

Shortly after LeHardys Rapids you will arrive at Fishing Bridge.

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