Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park - South Dakota

Wind Cave National Park – South Dakota

GPS Coordinates: Visitor Center: 43.55655, -103.4783 Trail Map Driving Directions The Trail: Wind Cave is the 6th longest cave in the world with 140 miles of documented cave exploration.  One of the park rangers said that the Wind Cave system is so condensed that the 140 miles of tunnels all fits on a 1/2 square mile!  That's really incredible to think about!  The temperature remains a constant 47 degrees Fahrenheit year round in the cave. I honestly didn't know what to expect from Wind Cave National Park before I got here.  I purposely didn't look too much into the park other than see which of the cave tours were available. The outside of the Wind Cave is a beautiful grassland and forested areas.  Just driving through the park to where the Visitor Center is located I saw a bison and millions of prairie dogs, at least it seemed like millions because ...
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