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Waterfall Canyon – Brigham City, Utah

Brigham City, Utah


Two waterfalls


About a mile round trip to do the loop around the falls

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

.5 - 2 Hours


Yes but not recommended near the cliffs



Water Info

In spring there is water to filter if you want

Best Season


Trail Condition

There is no established trail. It is loose and quite steep.



Visitor Center





In Brigham City


Definitely wear sturdy shoes since the trail is steep and loose. Rarely will you have good footing. Some minor scrambling is also involved.

Family Friendly?

Good for teens and up

GPS Coordinates:

Trail Head:41.52464 N, 112.00162 W
Waterfall:41.52712 N, 111.99911 W

The Trail:

Waterfall canyon is a great spot that I would guess many people that live in Brigham City don’t even know exists. It could easily be confused with the ultra popular Waterfall Canyon in nearby Ogden. While not as large and spectacular as the Ogden version, this is still a great place for a relaxing evening to see some beautiful rugged country. There are actually two falls here. One is probably about 20 feet and the other is probably about 40 feet. I would definitely do this in the Spring or very early summer. I am sure the water dries up fairly early in the summer. The trail head is at the corner of 700 N, and Highland Boulevard in Brigham City. Park on the street or at the nearby church and hike up the dirt road towards the hills. You will be able to see the falls from the parking area if you look up the hill. Just follow the old dirt road until you see the obvious spot to leave the road and start heading up. You can see from here is is very steep and rugged.

I would not recommend this for young kids since there are several places they could slip and it does involve minor scrambling on rock ledges. With that said my son had a great time in his backpack and even fell asleep on the hike back down.

There are falls on both the north and south side of the cliffs. I chose to see the one on the north first. Just climb up the rocks and take your time. Its a fun spot to the smaller of the two falls.

Keep heading above the north falls where you can walk onto the outcrop and get views of the south fall from above.

There is not anywhere to cross straight over to the south since the brush is very impenetrable.

There is a trail that keeps climbing until there is a spot to cross through the brush. The views here are great all around you.

You will soon see a small “tunnel” through the brush. I was able to cross easily without getting my feet wet. This was a cool spot.

Once across you will make your way down to the south waterfall. This is by far the highlight of the trip with lots of green moss making the fall beautiful. I would guess its about 40 feet tall. I was able to do a very minor scramble to the base of the falls but plan on getting your legs wet with water splash.

After this fall the water flows down stream just a little longer before disappearing underground.

The Return:

You will then return to your car the same way you hiked in. The hiking is much easier going down but overall its not a bad hike at all.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a fun hike that is perfect for after work in the evening to a spot that very few people know about outside of locals.

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