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Best Hikes in Yellowstone: Waterfalls

The Countdown:

This is my list of the best hikes to waterfalls in the Yellowstone area. I am sure this list will be constantly changing. It was very hard deciding a countdown. Most of the hikes are very family friendly. To make the list a hike had to start within an hour of Yellowstone. Each choice is accompanied with a link for the much more detailed individual Treks. Have you done any of these or do you have different favorites? Comment and let us know what your favorites are!

11: Wraith Falls

A cool little waterfall from a small creek that spreads to make a very wide fall.


Wraith Falls Trek

10: Bridal Falls

Bridal Falls is unique in the fact that it makes a 90 degree turn mid plunge before making a 40 foot drop into a great little pool.


Bridal Falls Trek

9: Fairy Falls 

Fairy Falls is very pretty. It has such a light fall of over 200 feet that it is constantly changing with the wind.


Fairy Falls Trek

8. Crazy Creek Falls

Crazy Creek Falls is an awesome cascade that is far too massive to do any justice in photos.


Crazy Creek Falls Trek

7. Sheep Creek Falls

Sheep Creek Falls is a bit of a bushwhack but is a hidden gem that is a very pretty and powerful waterfall.


Sheep Creek Falls Trek

6. Ousel Falls 

Not to be confused with Ouzel Falls, which is also in Yellowstone, Ousel Falls is an awesome hike near Big Sky to a very fast moving waterfall.


Ousel Falls Trek

5. Mystic Falls

This 70 foot cascade is gorgeous with an awesome riverside hike to reach it. The hike is very family friendly and is also a great place to see wildlife. As a bonus you will get to see the hot springs of Biscuit Basin.

4. Mesa Falls

Two very large waterfalls near Island Park make for a very green and very beautiful view. Upper Falls is 110 feet tall and over 200 feet wide making it one of the most massive waterfalls you can see anywhere.



Mesa Falls Trek

3. Lost Creek Falls

This is a great little hike through a very tight and lush canyon to a very pretty little waterfall that is usually a great place to find solitude.


Lost Creek Falls Trek

2. Tower Fall

Tower Fall is a gorgeous tall waterfall into a very rugged canyon. If you could still hike the whole trail this would for sure by my number 1.


Tower Fall Trek

1. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

I really have to cheat for this one because there are several areas to hike here. All are excellent. Uncle Toms should be the first choice if you can only do one, but you could easily spend a full day or more exploring the area. There are 3 very large waterfalls to be seen from many angles.

Upper Falls, Lower Falls, and Crystal Falls are each amazing.

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Canyon Area Trek 


Uncle Toms Trek


Brink of Lower Falls Trek


Red Rock Point Trek

Personal Thoughts:

These are by no means an exhaustive list of amazing waterfalls in the park. There are also many amazing roadside ones, as well as many more hikes. These are just some of the more unique and some personal favorites! Be sure to check out our other Best of list for Yellowstone! Best Hikes in Yellowstone: Thermal Attractions

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