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Rosy’s Mine and Mineral Point Mine

Paradise, Utah


4 mines, 1 intact cabin, 3 fallen cabins, mining machinery


2.5 Miles from Porcupine Resevoir

Parking Lot Elevation

5700 Feet

Summit Elevation

7400 Feet

Elevation Gain/Loss

1700 Feet

Time Required

1 Hour by ATV, 4 Hours by foot




No but must have landowner permission

Water Info

Fresh stream follows much of the trail. Bring a liter of water.

Best Season

Late Spring- Late Fall


Open year round. Ask for landowner permission.

Sun Exposure

Lots of shade

Trail Condition

Very rough, rocky, and steep ATV/ Footpath



Visitor Center



Yes with permission


Bring snacks and meals as needed


Water, Snacks, Good Shoes, Flashlights/Headlamps, Helmet

GPS Coordinates

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The Trail:

The trail to the mines starts on the east end of Porcupine Reservoir.

Porcupine Resevoir

There is only one road and no turn offs so it is very easy to follow. The trail will pass through a church camp. You will need to get permission from the directors. The trail immediately becomes very steep and very rocky. There are lots of loose rock sections. This trail is fairly easy to Rosy’s Mine but gets much tougher to mineral point. It is a very strenuous walk but is well worth the trip. At mile 2.5  you will come to Rosy’s Cabin. Its right on the road and impossible to miss. There is another way to ride an atv to the area from the Ant Flat Road. This trek covers only the hiking route from Avon, Utah. I have done both and both are great.

Rosy's Cabin-Mine

Just 20 yards south of the cabin is the tailings pile and Rosy’s Mine. This is a cool adit with about 1000 feet of workings. It was very muddy and inhabited by lots of squirrels, and pack rats so be careful if that makes you nervous. It has a very large tank inside and end in water. This mine is very wet and muddy all year so be prepared if you plan to go in.

Rosy's Mine

IMG_5515 IMG_5514 IMG_5513

After Rosy’s mine the trail gets much steeper and rockier. Just under a mile further you will come to Mineral Point. There are several demolished cabins and sheds and several pieces of equipment to go with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and Cache Valley. There is 1 large adit about 600 feet deep near the cabins and two more smaller adits up higher. The main tunnel is very muddy and used to be deeper but has since collapsed as you can see in the photo. This mine had several side tunnels but they were all filled in. No critters were seen in this mine. This mine is full of  very nasty red muddy clay. Don’t wear clothes that you care about inside.

Mineral Point Mine Mineral Point (2) Mineral Point


The Return: 

Take the same way back that you took in. There is a stream near both mines to refill water if you have a filter. 100 oz. should be fine since the trail is shaded most of the time. Its easier on the heart harder on the limbs going down.

Personal Thoughts: 

I think this area is a very fun day spent in the mountain scenery. I love seeing all the old mines and imagining what it must have been like in the early 1900’s when these mines were working. As far as cache county mines go these are some of my very favorites! If you go in the fall you can also see kokanee salmon spawning up the creek near Porcupine Reservoir.  For info on the mines or how to get LDS Church approval to visit contact me at joshua.oyler@gmail.com

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I love adventure! I live in Cache Valley, Utah. Do you have questions on any of my Treks? Email me @ joshua.oyler@gmail.com

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You did a really nice job on the review but there are some inaccuracies.

Rozy’s Mine is located on private property and the route you describe does go through a private camp accessible by prior permission only. One will encounter locked gates.

No ATVs or dogs are allowed in the camp even if you are only passing through.

Camping is only allowed in designated areas and requires a reservation.

That is true. We have many who just want to hike. If you are only hiking, it is early enough in the day that you will be out before dark, do not have a dog and are not on a motorcycle or ATV you are welcome to hike up. We have had people come to the gate with inaccurate expectation and one lady referenced your review. I just wanted to clear things up. But in actuality, because there is a notice on the gate that access is only with permission, if anything were to happen one could verify that they… Read more »