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Providence Canyon Off Road – Logan, Utah

Providence, Utah


Waterfalls, Mountains, Wildlife


18 miles one way with all side trails

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

2-4 Hours





Water Info

Lots in the lower portion of the canyon

Best Season

Summer, Fall

Trail Condition

Graded gravel to the quarry, VERY rough 4x4 road to the ridgeline



Visitor Center






GPS Coordinates:

Parking Lot:41.69269N, 111.79321W

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

Providence Canyon is the most direct route to Mount Logan. With that being said it is also by far the toughest. This canyon is a great way to spend half a day. There are lots of fun challenging side trails and really pretty sights. This canyon is open to any vehicles. Up to the rock quarry even a car can make it. After that no vehicle without very good clearance and lockers will make it. Any 4×4 ATV can get up, but it is no cake walk. I have come down the canyon in my truck but there is no way a basic 4×4 could come up. The tight off camber turns had my truck rocking on two tires several times and there are lots of rocks that want to ruin your day. A two wheel drive ATV could easily go down the canyon but I doubt you could make it up due to the many large rocks that can’t be taken fast since this road is also very steep. The first section is really pretty and follows spring creek. You  can see the giant rock quarry up ahead.

1 2

You will soon be at the huge abandoned rock quarry. You can only see the very bottom portion and you can see my atv for scale.


As you continue up the canyon there are very rugged and beautiful cliffs! Make sure you take a right to explore on top of the quarry. Here is a short video of us playing on some of the steep shoots.

5 6 7

dsc_0364 dsc_0373 dsc_0381

There are great views down the canyon you just came up.


Make sure you go all the way to the end of the quarry because there is a pretty little waterfall to see. There are several waterfalls in this canyon. For specific info on all of them visit my Trek specific to them.


The road ends at the waterfall. It is possible to go further but I don’t recommend that because it quickly dead ends with no turn around spot. Now in the quarry is the first of the side trails. This trail literally goes straight up the mountain high above the quarry. This way is VERY steep and should not be tried by beginners. There is an easier way to access this trail further up the canyon. I always like to do both. The coordinate for the steep route are: 41.68867N, 111.74095W. This trail starts right in the middle of the quarry and can be very easy to miss. Although depth perception is terrible in photos here are some trying to show how steep this road is.



The coordinates for the easy route are: 41.68785N, 111.72782W. The views from the top are breathtaking with pretty views of the canyon below and into cache valley. The trail also passed below some huge pines and aspens.

13 14

img_7375 img_7374

Once done with this trail head east above the quarry to get to the rough part of the canyon.


There is very quickly another side trail just above the quarry that will take you to the base of my favorite of the falls. This trail is only about 200 yards long. The coordinates for the turn are: 41.68902N, 111.73199W


Providence canyon for about 3 miles is ridiculously rough. There are lots of tire eating rocks and there isn’t a flat spot for quite a while. The rocks added with the fact that its very steep makes it a fun challenge. I just put my grizzly in four low and it just keeps climbing. Be sure to take your time and be safe. Here is a photo showing what the trail is for a few miles.



The last side trail is a couple miles up the canyon. This one is awesome. Its really only wide enough for atvs and side by sides. A truck or jeep would really get scratched. This one takes you through aspen and pine and meadows very near to the top of Little Baldy. Little Baldy is just below Mount Logan and is visible from most of Cache Valley. The views down into Cache Valley are spectacular even on a cloudy day.

18 19

The views across providence canyon are also beautiful. Millville peak was obscured in clouds this day but is a great hike! We have a Trek for hiking Millville Peak.

This area also has great fall colors.

img_7370Proceed back to the main road where you will very quickly reach the ridge between Logan and Millville Peaks. To the right is Millville Canyon. Going down Millville Canyon makes this a great loop trip and the two cities are ATV friendly so you can ride back to your truck. Here is our Trek for Millville Canyon.

If you take a right there is one last quick side trail that is a must see. It is signed as trail 053. The coordinates are: 41.69283N, 111.70047W. This trail takes you up the edge of the large cliffs on the east side of Millville Peak.


In the picture below in the aspens is the ridgeline where Providence Cave is located. This is a great Trek to make.


You also are afforded great views towards Hardware Ranch and the Monte Cristo Range.


If you take a left back on the main ridge then a quick trip to the top of Mount Logan is always in order. I always like to do providence on a cloudy afternoon because it is beautiful at the top as the clouds move away. When I first got to the top it was complete clouds and was very eerie.


But after a short wait I was treated to some amazing sunset views. My camera died so I had to use a cell phone for these.

25 26

The Return:

You can either return down Providence or you can take Millville canyon to complete the loop. You won’t be disappointed either way.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a great place to spend a few hours. Its pretty, relatively uncrowded, and a fun challenge. You can connect with other trails in the area to make this a full day or even multi day trip since you can ride clear to Ogden Valley, or well into Idaho. If you enjoy any of our posts be sure to like us on facebook for updates and tell all your friends about us.

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