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Pleiades Canyon – Moab Utah

Lasal Mountains, near Moab, Utah


Beautiful canyon, waterfalls and even an arch


Approximately 1.2 miles roundtrip

Parking Lot Elevation

8986 ft

Summit Elevation

8455 ft – last rappel

Elevation Gain/Loss

531 ft

Time Required

2-3 hours depending on size and skill of your group.


Not recommended



Water Info

Bring 2 liters. You will be canyoneering through Brumley Creek which, depending on rain/snow fall and season could be a trickle or roaring.

Best Season

Spring, Summer, Fall


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is minimal. Lots of trees

Trail Condition

Clear trail and easy to follow



Visitor Center



In designated spots only


Bring snacks as needed


Helmet, belay devices, carabiners, harness, my 200 ft rope was more than plenty for this canyon, shoes with good grip. webbing, first aid kit, camera.

We brought my 9.2 mm Imlay Canyoneero (this was the first time I used my rope in a real canyon)

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead:  38.479138°, -109.290098°
First Rappel: 38.474771°, -109.291308°
Brumley Arch:   38.475984°, -109.294302°

Trail Map


My GPS wasn’t working on this trip so I had to trace this on Google maps.

Driving Directions

The Trail:

Pleiades Canyon

Pleiades is so named for the seven waterfalls/rappels in a very beautiful canyon.  We did the entire trail, rappels and all, in about 3 hours with four people.  If you are an experienced canyoneer you could easily do this canyon much quicker.

The Pleiades Canyon trailhead begins right here after about a 40 minute drive from Moab.  There is a parking lot that can fit 5 vehicles.  You will only be going to Brumley Creek which we hiked in about 15 minutes.

Pleiades Canyon

The trail begins on the same trail as the Squaw Springs Trail.  The trail is narrow yet clear the entire way to Brumley Creek.

Pleiades Canyon

We did this canyon in late October and the aspen trees were already bright yellows and really beautiful.

Pleiades Canyon

After a little ways of hiking you will come to a cattle gate.  Go through it (make sure you shut it!) and continue down to Brumley Creek.

Pleiades Canyon

The first gully you come to is Brumley Creek.  There are tons of rocks and fallen trees laying around.  Simply follow the creek down until you come to the first rappel.  In late October when we did this canyon we didn’t see any running water until we were just about to the first rappel.

Pleiades Canyon

The gully eventually narrows into a slot canyon.

Pleiades Canyon

Pleiades Canyon

First Rappel
Pleiades Canyon

The first rappel is about 17 feet.  We looped a rope around the log you see above.

Pleiades Canyon

Somebody left a rope here complete with a rapide for you to use if you wish.

Pleiades Canyon

The water flow was low at this point and we didn’t even bother with wet suits despite it being late October.

Pleiades Canyon

This really is an incredible canyon with moss on many of the rocks and boulders.  Take time to enjoy your surroundings because this canyon is also very short and you will be done before you know it!

Second Rappel

This rappel is just about 25 feet in length and parallels another waterfall.  We looped the rope around a log again and climbed down.

Pleiades Canyon

Pleiades Canyon

Third Rappel

The third rappel is about 12 feet.  You may as well just stay on the rope and continue down the next rappel which is located just a few feet from the second rappel.

Pleiades Canyon

Fourth Rappel

The fourth rappel is about 20 feet and has about a 12 foot overhang which you will free hang. This can be a little tricky as this area has little light and you can’t really see what you are doing! Just go slow and you will be fine.

Pleiades Canyon

Fifth and Sixth Rappels

Just below the overhang rappel you will see on the south side another rope and rapide you can use to anchor.  The next rappels are continuous and go down an incredible water carved slot canyon!  We used about 80 feet of rope in this area to get down it.

The Seventh Rappel

Immediately after the sixth rappel you will turn the corner and face another rope anchor to use.  This is also the last rappel and probably about 50 feet.

Pleiades Canyon

Looking up from the last rappel.

Pleiades Canyon

Here is the canyon we just rappelled down.  At the bottom of the last rappel there is a giant log you can use to get to the other side of the creek.  It is really slippery so please be careful.

Pleiades Canyon

Brumley Arch is located about 50 feet down from the last rappel and worthy of stopping to take a look.  You can kind of see the arch in the picture below.

Pleiades Canyon

To get back to the parking lot you have to hike straight up the hillside to the top of Brumley Creek.  There is a trail but you always want to make sure you are hiking up hillside.

Pleiades Canyon

Once at the top of the canyon you may notice that you have just arrived at the top of the first rappel!  Now just hike back up Brumley Creek on the same trail to the parking lot.  Once we got back on the main trail to the parking lot I took this amazing photo of the Moab area.

Pleiades Canyon

The Return:

Head back towards your car.  You will have made a big loop down and back up again on the same trail.

Personal Thoughts:

Pleiades Canyon is an incredible canyon that I have done twice now.  It is short, sweet and very enjoyable.  Even though this is out of the way from the typical Moab activities, I would highly recommend you make a visit and explore this canyon!

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