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Mather Point – Grand Canyon National Park

South Rim Visitor Center, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


We walked several hundred yards here

Parking Lot Elevation

7,000 ft

Time Required

Less than 1/2 hour


Yes, allowed. Allowed on trails above the rim.


Entrance fees

Water Info

Bring a bottle of water. There are drinking water spigots at the visitor center

Best Season



Open year round

Sun Exposure

There is some shade

Trail Condition

Cement path


Yes. At the Visitor Center nearby

Visitor Center

Yes. South Rim Visitor Center is nearby


There are a few campgrounds near Mather Point.


This would be a great place for a picnic. In the Visitor Center area there is a cafe


Bring a camera!

GPS Coordinates:

Mather Point: 36.06166, -112.10776

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point

Mather Point offers some of the most dramatic views of the Grand Canyon that you will see while visiting the park.  This seemed to be one of the most popular overlooks on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon because it is easily accessible and located right at the South Rim Visitor Center.  All of the paths to the overlook are cement and have both stairs and ramps so even if you have a wheelchair or can’t take stairs you could easily get the best views too.

Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point

The actual point is located right on the cliff edge with metal railings and some fencing to keep you as safe as possible.  I saw a few kids excitedly running around here but their parents were quick to yell and remind them of the 500+ ft cliff edges.  This IS an exciting place and I could see just how excited these families were to see this unbelievably large canyon.  I enjoyed this area so much that I came back a few more times to get pictures and enjoy the views!

Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point

I was looking at my map when I realized that the North Rim Visitor Center is directly across from the South Rim Visitor Center.  I pulled out a telephoto lens and quickly found the tan colored lodge on the north rim side!  It’s almost 10 miles across from the north rim to the south rim visitor centers!

North Rim Lodge and Visitor Center

North Rim Lodge and Visitor Center

If you look towards the bottom of the canyon you can see just a very small sliver of the Colorado River.   It is absolutely unbelievable at how the river carved and cut through all of this dirt and rock!

You can see the mighty Colorado River from Mather Point

You can see the mighty Colorado River from Mather Point

During the day, Mather Point is packed with thousands of people walking along the southern rim trail and stopping for a look.  Grand Canyon gets over 5 million visitors every year so if you come in the summer expect to see many more people.  If you want to avoid large crowds but still enjoy the Grand Canyon, I would come on a clear night when there is a moon!  We came back at night and found that we were just about the only people here except for a photographer and his wife.

Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point Mather Point

Looking towards the South Kaibab Trail

Looking towards the South Kaibab Trail

Mather Point

No crowds at night!

No crowds at night!

Mather Point Mather Point

Personal Thoughts:

If you visit the Southern Rim Visitor Center you MUST see Mather Point.  Mather Point is one of those places that you visit every single time you come to Grand Canyon National Park.

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Visited Mather Point for the first time last week. It was a cloudy night and the area was completely deserted. It was both spooky and exhilarating being the only person out there. The moon popped out from behind the clouds and I got some nice long exposure photos. Looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon in the daytime on my next visit!