Mammut Ultimate Hoody Jacket

by February 4, 2015


I have used the Mammut Ultimate Hoody Jacket in Utah, Alaska and even Hawaii.  It holds up great in rain but it is definitely not waterproof.  It has Windstopper fabric that keeps out almost all of the wind and keeps you nice and warm if you layer it with a light sweater underneath.

Why I use this jacket

First let me say that this is probably the perfect hiking jacket.  It is very light, packable, breathable, holds back wind and light moisture, has pit zips and several pockets for storage and has a large hood.  The pit zips are really cool because the zippers actually go from your wrist all the way down to the waist on the jacket and there are zippers on both ends which means you can open up the pit zips on either end too.  So when it gets really hot on those hikes, you could open up the pitzips and get cooler faster.  It also has thumb holes that I personally use when I’m wearing gloves to keep snow from coming in my sleeves.

The Windstopper fabric, produced by GORE (makers of GORE-TEX) is what initially got my attention to the jacket.  I was looking for a jacket that could hold back wind and light moisture while keeping me dry on the inside.  Also, since Mammut is one of my favorite brands I naturally started with them first before checking out other brands.  Mammut is very high quality and of course, on the higher end of prices.  But I always say that I never compromise on outdoor clothing because it is pure misery if you hike while you are wet!

I remember hiking up Frary Peak on Antelope Island in Utah with this jacket.  It was VERY windy and I brought a fairly light sweater to wear underneath it.  The temperatures were also pretty cold and I didn’t even feel the slightest bit cold air seeping through my jacket. In fact, I was perfectly comfortable the entire time.

You can't tell by this picture but it was very windy and cold!

You can’t tell by this picture but it was very windy and cold!

How does it fit?

I think the fit is true to size.  I bought a large and it leaves just enough room for a sweater underneath.

It comes in a variety of colors and even comes in a non-hooded version.  There are also both men’s and women’s versions.


The only downside that I can think of is the cost.   It is a $200+ jacket but trust me, you may want to splurge and get a jacket you will not regret purchasing.


Keeps out wind and light moisture. Packable and durable. Those pit zips are awesome!


High cost.

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The Bottom Line

In my opinion, this is the perfect hiking jacket. It adapts to your outdoor needs. Keeps you warm or cool when you need it. Provides protection from wind and light moisture.

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