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Lucky Star Mine – Cache County, Utah

Left Hand Fork, Utah


Lucky Star Mine, Bear River Range


Half mile round trip

Elevation Gain/Loss

200 feet

Time Required

30-90 Minutes


The "trail" is not suitable for pets



Water Info

The Left Hand Fork of the Logan River is right at the start of the trail with plenty of water to purify if you would like.

Best Season

Summer, Fall



Sun Exposure

No shade until you are in the mine

Trail Condition

VERY loose and VERY steep mine tailings



Visitor Center






The Trail:

The Lucky Star Mine is my favorite mine in Cache County to visit. The mine lies hidden in plain sight in the very popular Left Hand Fork Road. It is reached through Blacksmith Fork Canyon east of Hyrum, Utah. This is a fun adventure. Many people go looking but never find it despite the fact that it is only a couple hundred feet off the road. You could get a car most of the way to the mine but not the whole way. You will need something smaller like an ATV that can park and stay off the road. A car or truck would not be able to park here even if you go through the rocky canyon. It would be best to park near the turn for Right Hand Fork and walk the rest of the way. That would make it a nice several mile hike. These mountains are gorgeous and very rugged and you will follow a beautiful creek the whole way. For details on the canyon visit the Trek linked above for Left Hand Fork.

The mine is located at:

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Once you find the mine it is a very short but extremely loose and steep hike. You basically go straight up almost 200 feet. Take your time and watch your footing. I definitely don’t recommend this one for young kids. There are beautiful rock spires above to help keep your attention.


These two show the type of rock you will be getting terrible footing on and how steep it is.

dsc_3596 dsc_3597

Here is a view from the mine. You are almost looking straight down at the road.


The entrance to the mine is very cool and there is still the wood frame in place. Although I’m not sure what good the tiny wood frame ever did. This is one of the biggest mines in the area and back in its heyday it had a small “ghost town” in the canyon below. Far above the mine there are still remains of more cabins on Boulder Mountain. Very little is left though besides the mine itself. This mine is a hard rock mine with almost no cave in risk. There are shafts and drops though that demand your attention. Be sure to stay alert. If you find this mine please don’t share its location. I’m afraid its only a matter of time before it gets closed with a huge waste of tax money. Half the adventure is finding it in the first place.


The mine tunnel is relatively short. I am just under 6 feet tall and had to hunch slightly. The area was mined in the 1890’s and for some reason they never made big tunnels back then. For the age this mine is fairly extensive. Probably 1000 feet of tunnel spread across 3 levels.


There are several places where the old wooden mine tracks are still intact.


You will soon come to an old wooden ladder climbing to the second level.



The second level has a couple small dump shafts going down to level one so be very careful and watch your step. There are boards to help you cross some of these.




The entrance to the second level is awesome. There is an old wooden door still intact and still operable. Don’t be an idiot and carve your name into the door like others have. If I ever caught someone doing something like that I would have some very mean things to say.

dsc_3623 dsc_3626 dsc_3629

If you walk out the door you are greeted by some very pretty spires. There were nearby fires the day we visited making it very smoky.


We timed our visit very horribly. We went in the late evening and there were bats flying all around us. Hundreds of them. I thought my wife was going to kill me. I only ever had one touch me. These bats are completely harmless. If you go during the day please do not disturb these bats. Logan Cave sits forever gated as a reminder of what dumb people killing bats can do.


You climb to the third level right in the middle of the second level. This does require some basic rock climbing so again be careful. Its much harder with bats flying around your face. Haha.


The third level has more of the same. Cool tunnels and small shafts going to the lower levels.

img_5132 img_5138 img_5141

To exit the mine we retraced our steps and went back out level 1.


The Return:

You will return down the steep loose incline. I found this to be much easier than going up. I was able to sit on one foot and take a loosely controlled slide all the way to the bottom. It was a lot of fun but only do it if you are comfortable.

Personal Thoughts:

This mine is a really cool piece of history. Its a gorgeous area with some cool spots inside. Its a fun adventure just looking for the mine. I visited three times before I ever found it. If you visit let us know how it went!

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