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Knolls OHV Area

In between Salt Lake and Wendover


Sand Dunes, Huge Mud Flats, Desert Trails, Mountain Trails


1 Hour 15 Minutes west of Salt Lake City

Parking Lot Elevation

4245 ft

Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

Depends on how long you want to spend




6$ Use Fee per Car

Water Info

None. Pack in your own

Best Season



Open year round

Sun Exposure

No shade. Plan accordingly.

Trail Condition

Open area. Many trails


Outhouses at each camping area

Visitor Center





Bring your own meals and snacks


ATV, dirt bike, 4x4 vehichle

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead:  40.670687°, -113.284991°
Trailhead: Knolls Exit on I-80 West of Salt Lake City toward Wendover.

Driving Directions: 

Take I-80 west from Salt Lake City towards wendover. The Knolls has its own exit and is 82 Miles from Salt Lake City. The exit is very well signed and impossible to miss.

The Trail: 

Once off the freeway the road in is a very well maintained gravel road suitable for all vehicles.


Make sure and stop at the self service pay station. Bring cash to pay the 6$ per car. Be honest because the BLM has been known to give tickets to people who don’t pay and the money is used to help keep this amazing place open.

There are several very large open camping areas with outhouses. They all look like this.

IMG_1790 IMG_1791

Park anywhere and set up camp if you plan on staying.

There are literally thousands and thousands of acres of truck and OHV riding areas. I have spent a ton of time here camping, and riding ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. It has several different terrains that make for a very fun day or two. Be sure to stay in the fenced areas. South of the Knolls is a military bombing range. The fences are there for a reason. I have been here when jets are dropping bombs. Its very cool but is very obvious why you cant ride to the dunes in the bomb range however tempting they may be. Trespassing would be accompanied by a VERY large fine and more than likely an arrest.

The main areas of riding are the dunes, mud flats, mountain trails, and desert trails with lots of whoops.

There are two large dune areas along with lots of smaller ones. There are some very busily used dunes directly west of the camping areas. My favorite area is the dunes to the East. Its a bit of a ride to get to them but is well worth it as the hills are bigger and I very rarely see other people out there. Paddle tires are not necessary here as it would severely limit your ability to ride the other terrains. The sand is quite soft in some places but for the most part normal tires can get you most places.  Here are what the main dunes look like.

IMG_1793KnollsKnolls (2)

Knolls (3)

There are tons of mountain trails here that explore around the actual Knolls the area is named for. Most can be traversed by experienced riders but I wouldn’t recommend taking new riders here while there are so many easier places to ride. This is however some of my favorite areas to ride.

IMG_1795 IMG_1789 IMG_0904

The mud flats here comprise the biggest areas. You can literally ride at full speed for hours and not cover them all. It is a fun area to race and go really fast and is a good place to train new riders as well. There are some cool hidden gems that can be found in different areas of the flats. Its up to you to find them. The ones I have found are Wood Cove, Penny Post, and Jeep Cove.

IMG_1787 IMG_1786 IMG_1785 IMG_1782

Here are a few other picture I have taken of some adventures at Knolls.

Knolls Utah 1 (3)

Here is a short video showing the different terrains you can plan on encountering while at knolls.

Personal Thoughts:

I have been going to Knolls since I was 10 years old. Its been a favorite of mine for years. Its a great place to go for an overnight camp or a day trip. There is plenty of room for large parties and there is nothing you could burn so is a fun place to have fires. The stars are also a good part of camping out as it is very far from any city. It is accessible year round because there is very little snow. I recommend the Knolls to anyone of any skill level looking for a fun place to ride or camp.

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Scott Stanger

Josh, I have seen the Penny Post and Wood Cove, but have not been able to find the Jeep totem. Can you point me in the right direction?


where is WOOD COVE at? I found penny cove on my own, but thats it. thank you for response.


josh; what is the meaning of these places out in the lake beds? i came across Penny post and was really excited about finding it. now i want to find the others. and also these dunes that your speaking of to the EAST of knolls? is there a map? or directions to find this stuff?


thank you for the response, i very much appreciate the helpful info.i will seek out and find these awsum gems.


gonna check this stuff out….!!!!! sunday,hope for good weather.

Marty Worthington
A few GPS coordinates for points of interest: Wood Cove is at 40.6624, -113.3277 Penny Post is at 40.6608, -113.3673 Jeephenge (or Jeep Totem) is at 40.7020, -113.3543 Panorama flag memorial is at 40.6959, -113.3258. This is water heater with a pole and American flag stuck in the top. It appears that it may have been put there by a military veteran in honor of those who have served. We have given it the name Panorama Flag Memorial in honor of one of the original owners of the café and service station that was on US 40 at the Knolls… Read more »