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Inspiration Point – Mantua/Willard Utah

Mantua, Utah


Wildlife, Inspiration Point, Amazing views


25 Miles Round Trip

Parking Lot Elevation

5,212 ft

Summit Elevation

9,406 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

4,194 ft

Time Required

3 to 6 Hours





Water Info

Some natural water available but I would bring your own.

Best Season

Summer and Fall


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Shade is minimal

Trail Condition

High Clearance Vehicle Required.


At base campground

Visitor Center





Bring snacks and meals as needed


ATV, high clearance vehicle

Family Friendly?

Yes on the main road. 50 inch side trails not recommended for beginners.

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead:  41.49332 N, 111.94434 W
Inspiration Point:  41.39086 N, 111.98608 W

Driving Directions

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The Trail:

The road starts right by the LDS Church in Mantua, Utah. This is an awesome drive. You will need a high clearance vehicle due to rocks but 4×4 is not neccesary. This road gets very tight and very high and if you aren’t experienced in off road driving or if serious heights worry you this probably is not the road for you. If you are ok with that then this can be a very fun afternoon or even night drive. There are several different turn offs but as long as you stay on what looks like the main road and continue upward then you are going the right way. This road is heavily used by ATV’s and lots of trucks so be careful around blind turns and don’t assume that people will be in the proper spots of the road around turns. Be prepared for dust. Its very dusty on this road from the heavy use. From the top you can see Salt Lake through most of the Wasatch Front, Huntsville, and into Cache Valley. On a clear day you can see parts of 4 states. Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Wyoming make for a very scenic view. At night it is very cool to see all the lights of Salt Lake, and Logan. This is a great road to see wildlife and is famous in Utah for its herd of Mountain Goats. On this particular day we saw the Mountain Goats, a Bull Moose, and lots of Deer.

DSCF2087 DSCF2110 4 3 (2) DSC_0049 DSC_0015

The road starts out with great views of the Wasatch Back above Mantua.

If you are on an ATV or motorcycle there is a fun spot near the base of the mountain that is a 50 inch or less trail. (Do NOT attempt this on something wider than 50 inches. You will not make it. The turns are too sharp and you will look like an idiot for giving people grounds to close our great trails.) The trail climbs quickly as it switchbacks up the mountain cutting out a decent portion of the main road. It is through thick forest the entire way. This short trail is very steep and has several large exposed roots you will have to climb over. If going up the trail 4×4 is a good idea. Sport quads can make it downhill just fine. This portion is not for beginners and is totally optional and pops you back on the main road. It is not well signed. The coordinates for the trail are:

Bottom Side Turn Off: 41.46226 N, 111.94161 W

Bottom Side 50 Inch Start: 41.45871 N, 111.93909 W

Top Side 50 Inch Start: 41.44775 N, 111.94186 W

Back to the main road as you climb you will start to see views of the broad valley and James Peak off to the East. James Peak is the mountain that has Powder Mountain Ski Resort on the back side.

You will also see views of the famous Ben Lomond Peak.

You will also get great views of the trail above you approaching the ridge.

You will soon come to a large sign marked Willard Basin. The sign explains the over grazed past of the area and the efforts to save the now gorgeous spot. Right by this sign is the beginning of another 50 inch trail. (I find it sad I have to keep mentioning this but DO NOT ATTEMPT on anything larger than 50 inches. Again, you will not make it. There is a large tree against a steep side hill keeps larger machines off. You will only get stuck and tear up the trail which is again giving people grounds to close these great trails. I had to yell at two different people in one day trying to go on this trail with their UTV’s. One was on the way back where I was stranded for 30 minutes because the idiots were high centered on a rock sideways without any recovery equipment or plan.) If you are not on an ATV then this would be a great 1 mile hike to some really awesome views with very little elevation gain. The trail is very easy on an ATV once around the early rock designed to keep away UTV’s. 4×4 is not required. The trail will eventually take you to Grizzly Peak above the town of Perry. There are great open views along the way. Coordinates: 41.41111 N, 111.96900 W

You can see the Wellsville and Bear River Mountains off to the North.

You can see down to Mantua Reservoir.

Perry Reservoir that you passed on the way up. The Perry Canyon trail eventually ends at this small lake.

You can see well into Ogden Valley and Pineview Reservoir.

On a clear day you can see much of the long ridge of the giant Uinta Mountains which are the highest in Utah and some of the highest in North America.

The trail takes you right over the top of Willard Canyon which is an amazing hike from the bottom.

If you know where to look there are two old mines worked in the area. The workman mine is sealed off.

The American Mine is collapsed.

The trail is a lot of fun as you approach Grizzly Peak.

From Grizzly Peak you get amazing views of Willard Peak. Willard Peak is the highest peak in Weber County and the highest peak of the Northern Wasatch Mountains at 9,764 feet. Many people viewing from Ogden don’t know that Willard is actually quite a bit taller than Ben Lomond that looks taller from Ogden.

Grizzly Peak is one of my favorite areas. It gives some of the best sunsets I have ever seen over the Great Salt Lake and the area gets covered in beautiful wild flowers. I will share a lot of pictures here. Like I said its one of my favorites.

Once you are done enjoying Grizzly Peak retrace your steps or tire tracks back to the Willard Basin road.

Once back on the main road you will get some other cool views of Willard Peak as you climb the many switchbacks.

There is one last side trail again for 50 inches or less. I’ll save you the diatribe this time. This one is not as fun as the others but can still be pretty. I do not recommend this one for beginners. It is thin, loose, and steep. Coordinates: 41.40039 N, 111.98488 W

You can see Grizzly Peak high above you.

This is also an out and back trail. You must return where you came from.

Back on the main trail it is just a short ways to the large parking area at the top of Inspiration Point. Its official name is Willard Mountain, not to be confused for Willard Peak.

Promontory from Inspiration Point

The views here are great with mountains in every direction and awesome views of Willard Peak. This is a great spot to get out binoculars and look for the herd of Mountain Goats that live in the area. This is also a popular spot to start a hike to Ben Lomond Peak. If you are on a motorcycle there is a singletrack trail that will take you over Ben Lomond and all the way to the North Ogden Divide. This was also the starting spot for our technical descent through Pearson Canyon which is a VERY strenuous hike that involves several rappels. The mountains below you are extremely rugged and very beautiful.

Once again the sunsets from the top are very gorgeous.

Inspiration Point

 The Return:

You have to return back the same way you came up. Be careful not to burn up your brakes on the way down and enjoy the different perspectives of going the other way.


Personal Thoughts: 

This has been one of my favorite afternoon drives for several years now. Its an awesome place to pack a picnic and go enjoy nature and see just how much open land we still have left in Utah and the surrounding areas. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t tried.

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Michael Roberts

Beautiful pictures! And bravo for your detailed description and coordinates! This site is always my first stop for hike recon because your maps, which google lets me download as KMZ files, coordinates and descriptions are usually so comprehensive I don’t have to look at any other sites. Contrast that with my usual SOP if you don’t have a hike which is having to read and compile at least a couple different sites that are less comprehensive.
Thank you!

Jeff Johnson

Thank you very much for your nice words Michael! We are thrilled you have found our site to be so helpful! Happy exploring


I loved this drive. I’m looking forward to getting some ATVs to venture off on some of the smaller roads. Do you know if there is camping along this road? It looks like people do but I’m not sure if they were using it for day use.