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Indian Princess Grave – Farmington Utah

Farmington Utah – Northern Utah


Indian Princess Grave, views of Farmington Utah


1.75 miles round trip

Parking Lot Elevation

4488 ft

Summit Elevation

4833 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

345 ft

Time Required

1+ hour





Water Info

Bring a bottle of water. No water along trail except for the beginning when crossing the Farmington Creek.

Best Season

Spring, summer, fall.


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Shade is minimal. Lots of sun exposure

Trail Condition

Trail is excellent



Visitor Center





Bring snacks as needed


Hat, sunglasses, jacket

Expect to not see a whole lot on the entire trail.  You will travel on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail for a good portion of this trek.

GPS Coordinates

Trailhead: 40° 59.723’N, 111° 53.137’W
Indian Princess Grave: 41° 0.172’N, 111° 53.265’W

Trail Map

Driving Directions:

From Exit 395 in Farmington Utah

Go east on 225 E and go .4 miles until you hit Main St.

Turn right on Main St (which heads south then turns into 600 N) for .4 miles total.

Turn left on 600 N (because Main St begins once 600 N turns south again) .

Go to the intersection at the end of the road and you will see a large concrete retaining wall – Turn left here (now heading north) on Farmington Canyon Rd.

Travel .2 miles and take your first left dropping you down into the parking lot

 The Trail:

On the trail leading up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

On the trail leading up to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

The trail starts off in a well used parking lot. There is an asphalt trail on the south side of the parking lot that leads to the Farmington Creek which you must cross – there is a bridge.

After you cross the bridge look above the hill on the north side and you will see tall electricity polls.  This is where you must go.

Even though there are several side trails, make sure you are travelling towards the electricity poles in the north above the ridge.  There are posts along the trail that lead you to the Indian Princess Grave, most of the posts will say “Trail” with an arrow pointing you in the right direction.

On the right path

On the right path

Once you get to the top of the ridge you will see a reservoir.  Continue travelling to the east and you will notice the trail begins to climb up.  Once you reach the top of this section the trail continues east (the route you do NOT want to take) or it weaves back north.  Continue north for a few hundred yards until there is a major intersection.

Once you are at the intersection take the trail to the right that leads up yet another ridge (to the south direction) and you will come to a flat area.  Once at the flat area, take the left trail (there is a sign there as well) and it will lead you north.

Travel for about a 1/8 mile until you come to a dip in the road.  The dip in the road is about a 25 foot drop and then it comes back up again.

Here is the actual grave site

Here is the actual grave site

After the dip you will only need to travel another 150 feet or so until you come to an area where there is a large pile of rocks about 25 feet across and 3 feet high.  There is a sign that explains that you are standing in front of the grave for the “daughter and grandchild of Little Soldier, a Goshute/Shoshone Chief.”

Here is the plaque that is placed at the foot of the site.

Here is the plaque that is placed at the foot of the site.

Here is what is written on the plaque…

“This hallowed ground is the burial site of the daughter and grandchild of Little Soldier, a Goshute/Shoshone Chief.  Originally dedicated in 1861, the site was restored and rededicated in 1989 as a collaborative effort of the Utah Statewide Archaeological Society, the United States Forest Service, the Shoshone Nation and the Boy Scouts of America.”

The Return:

Take the same trail back to the parking lot.

Personal Thoughts:

The trail is neat going up to the location of the grave as you are on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  If you have an extra hour and want to do something different then I suggest you come on this trail and check it out.

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