Grand Teton National Park

Colter Bay - Grand Teton National Park

Colter Bay – Grand Teton National Park

GPS Coordinates: Colter Bay:43.90500 N, 110.64043 W Driving Directions The Trail: Colter Bay is a great place in Grand Teton to just go and relax. You can picnic on the beach and walk the easy trail along the shore. Just the scenic drive into the bay is beautiful. The area is gorgeous and in fall when we went the leaves were spectacular. We were at the end of another great trip into Yellowstone country and my wife was 8 months pregnant making this a great stop to just relax and enjoy the gorgeous views without getting into anything too strenuous. The bay is well signed, and has a large visitor center. This makes a perfect stop either right after you leave Yellowstone, or just before you go in. We visited in early October and as mentioned the leaves were great. The views from the bay of the Teton Range were ...
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Jenny Lake Scenic Drive - Grand Teton National Park

Jenny Lake Scenic Drive – Grand Teton National Park

GPS Coordinates: Jenny Lake Scenic Drive - Start: 43.784921°, -110.726104° Jenny Lake Overlook: 43.767814°, -110.717468° Jenny Lake Scenic Drive - Finish: 43.760769°, -110.712004° Trail Map Driving Directions Head into Grand Teton National Park and go to Jenny Lake Road. It is in the same area as the String Lake and Leah Lake Trailheads. The Trail: Simply follow the one way Jenny Lake Road all the way through! The views are spectacular everywhere you look. You get up close views of Mount Moran and the Tetons. This is a very casual easy trek that I would recommend to everyone who passes through Grand Teton National Park.  The Jenny Lake Overlook area is simply incredible and in my opinion, offers some of the most amazing views of the Teton Range.  After you drive for about 1.5 miles through the surrounding forest you will arrive at the Overlook.  Below is the Overlook parking lot that has been manicured with thousands ...
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Signal Mountain - Grand Teton National Park

Signal Mountain – Grand Teton National Park

Driving Directions The Trail: Signal Mountain is a great side road and short walking trail located in Grand Teton National Park. The turn is well signed and is located just south of the famous Chapel of the Sacred Heart. It is right in the middle of the Jackson and Jenny Lake Lodges. The road is about 3 miles and takes you to Signal Mountain which is just above 7700 feet. The road is very narrow and steep and trailers are not allowed. Please go slow and use a low gear in your car. We smelled many burnt brakes. There is a large parking area and the trail is less than a quarter mile round trip. It is paved the whole way.  This is a great trail to get above the valley and had some great fall colors. Off in the distance you will get great views of the amazing Absaroka ...
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Taggart Lake - Grand Teton National Park

Taggart Lake – Grand Teton National Park

GPS Coordinates: Trailhead: 43.69321, -110.73299 Bradley Lake Fork: 43.70214, -110.74402 Taggart Lake: 43.70082, -110.75163 Trail Map Driving Directions The Trail: Taggart Lake turned out to be one of my favorite hikes in Grand Teton National Park.   I thought that hiking to a lake wouldn't be so excited but I couldn't be more wrong! The trailhead begins in a big parking lot right off the Teton Park road.  One the day that we hiked we saw tons of hikers going to Taggart and also the nearby Bradley Lak.  The trail is easy to follow and doesn't gain much in elevation over the entire 1.60 miles to Taggart Lake. At about .13 mile into the trail, you will shortly come to a fork.  The left fork (the trail that keeps going straight) is the long way to Taggart Lake.  We didn't do that one but if you feel adventurous, go for it!  We ...
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