Grand Canyon National Park

South Kaibab to Skeleton Point Trail – Grand Canyon National Park

GPS Coordinates: Trailhead: 36.05339, -112.08358 Ooh Ahh Point: 36.06145, -112.08687 Outhouse: 36.06402, -112.08923 Cedar Ridge: 36.06455, -112.09015 Skeleton Point: 36.08166, -112.0904 Trail Map Driving Directions The Trail: Hiking from the rim of the Grand Canyon to Skeleton Point is a great way to experience the canyon.  You will see the many different rock layers of the canyon and lots of diversity in the trees and plants.  If you are planning on hiking from the rim to the Colorado River in one day, it is not recommended - due to trail length and high temperatures. If you are fully prepared you can actually hike from the south rim to the North Rim Visitor Center on this trail but plan on taking a few days. Let the fun begin! I want to start off with a warning.  Please bring extra water and food on this hike and don't push yourself too hard.  When we ...
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Body Found in Grand Canyon.

There might be some closure to the story from last month when a 14 year-old boy and his step-grandmother went missing in the Grand Canyon. Officials announced they have found a boy's body. Still no sign of the step-grandmother. This is sad, for sure. But at least they have found something. Get the full story over on ...
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Mather Point – Grand Canyon National Park

GPS Coordinates: Mather Point: 36.06166, -112.10776 Trail Map Driving Directions The Trail: Mather Point offers some of the most dramatic views of the Grand Canyon that you will see while visiting the park.  This seemed to be one of the most popular overlooks on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon because it is easily accessible and located right at the South Rim Visitor Center.  All of the paths to the overlook are cement and have both stairs and ramps so even if you have a wheelchair or can't take stairs you could easily get the best views too. The actual point is located right on the cliff edge with metal railings and some fencing to keep you as safe as possible.  I saw a few kids excitedly running around here but their parents were quick to yell and remind them of the 500+ ft cliff edges.  This IS an ...
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