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Fisher Towers – Moab Utah

Fisher Towers - north of Moab, Utah


Fisher Towers, The Titan and other tall structures


About 3 miles round trip

Parking Lot Elevation

4737 ft

Summit Elevation

About 5270 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

533 ft

Time Required

2-3 hours


No fees

Water Info

Bring 1-2 liters of water depending on the season in which you are hiking

Best Season

Spring and fall. Summer is really hot


Open year round

Sun Exposure

Lots of sun exposure. The towers are south and west facing

Trail Condition

Primitive dirt trail. It is hard to follow sometimes


Yes. Pit style. At the parking lot


Allowed in camping area only


Bring meals and snacks as needed


Good hiking shoes, hat, sunglasses, light jacket, backpack for food and water

GPS Coordinates:

Parking Lot: 38.725073°, -109.308962°
The Kingfisher: 38.72272, -109.30264
Cottontail Tower: 38.71946, -109.30273
The Titan: 38.717082°, -109.299503°

Trail Map

Driving Directions

Located about 40 minutes north of Moab, Utah.

The Trail:

Fisher Towers is located about a 40 minute drive north of Moab, Utah.  I have wanted to come to Fisher Towers for quite some time because I’ve heard about the amazing rock climbing routes and fun hiking trails.  I am not a rock climber but I still wanted to check this area out.

You can see the towers all the way from Utah Highway State Route 128 – they truly are an incredible sight!  You can see The Titan on the right side of the towers sticking up.

Fisher Towers

Fisher Towers

The trail begins at a small parking lot and it winds up and down along the southern portions of the towers until it comes to The Titan.  There are other trails but we didn’t have time to go on these ones.  This trail was really fun and different because I was expecting large crowds but there were only about 20 other people we saw.

There is a small campground right at the parking lot complete with pit style toilets.

Fisher Towers

The trail is somewhat tricky to follow in a few locations because the trail blends in too well with the rest of the surroundings and as a result we went off trail.  Just try and follow the cairns the best you can.

Fisher Towers

Fisher TowersFisher Towers

There are a few trail markers like the one below too.

Fisher Towers

Fisher Towers

The distinct formation you see below in the center of the picture is called Ancient Art.  It is a famous rock climbing location and while we were hiking we saw about 4 groups going up and down it taking turns climbing to the top.

The weird looking formation is called Ancient Art

The weird looking formation is called Ancient Art

Fisher Towers

The picture below is showing Cottontail Tower.

Fisher Towers

Looking to the south of the towers

Looking to the south of the towers

The trail keeps going from here.  I really liked these rock features because it reminded me of Goblin Valley.  The formations look like someone was throwing dirt clods at them.  If you get a chance, try to hike up right next to these near vertical towers and you will get a real sense of just how huge they are!

Fisher Towers Fisher Towers Fisher Towers Fisher Towers

Once you turn the last corner you will see The Titan – the name is very appropriate since it is ginormous.

Fisher Towers

Fisher TowersFisher Towers Fisher Towers Fisher Towers Fisher Towers

Once at the base of The Titan we rested for a little bit and hiked back to the parking lot.  There are lots of little side canyons to explore but since we already had plans back in Moab (and it was getting cold!) we headed back.  You can keep hiking to the trail end which is at 2.3 miles from the parking lot.

Fisher Towers Fisher Towers

The Return:

Head back the same way you came.

Personal Thoughts:

I would love to come back and do more exploring here since we only hiked on one trail.  This is one of those locations that is very different and not very crowded so take advantage of it while it is still a “secret” to the masses!

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I have been wanting to do this the next time we go to Moab. Thank you for the info!