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Finger Mountain – Dalton Highway Alaska

Dalton Highway, Alaska


Finger Mountain, granite tors, vast tundra landscapes


The trail was about 1/2 mile round trip

Parking Lot Elevation

2162 ft

Time Required

less than an hour





Water Info

Bring your own water

Best Season

Summer, fall

Sun Exposure

Only very short trees in the area.

Trail Condition

Dirt and rock trail on the tundra


Yes. Pit style. Located in the parking lot

GPS Coordinates:

Finger Mountain Parking Lot: 66°21’27.27″N, 150°27’40.25″W
Finger Rock: 66°21’19.12″N, 150°27’9.70″W

Driving Directions

The Trail:

Very spacious parking lot and rest area

Very spacious parking lot and rest area

There are two trails here at Finger Mountain.  One of the trails does a loop to the north and features information kiosks about the tundra and area in general.  The southern trail goes up close to Finger Mountain.

North Trail

The north trail is a very easy walk that goes to the top of a short granite knoll, circles around below it and comes back to the parking lot.   There are information kiosks about the tundra, animals and plants that we found interesting.

Finger Mountain

Some of the things you will learn about is that Finger Mountain was used as a landmark for hundreds of years.  It was also used as a landmark by bush pilots.

Finger Mountain Finger Mountain

On top of the short granite knoll you will have an incredible overlook of the Dalton Highway and the oil pipeline.

Finger Mountain Finger Mountain

looking back towards the parking lot

looking back towards the parking lot

Trail to Finger Mountain

Finger Mountain

Just south of the parking lot there is a very narrow dirt 1/2 mile trail that you can go directly to Finger Mountain.  It really isn’t that far and the trail is easy to follow.

You can see the 40 ft spire from any place on this trail.  So if you somehow get off the trail, just hike towards the spire and you will get there.

Finger Mountain Finger Mountain Finger Mountain Finger Mountain

Finger Mountain is not really a mountain but it is named for Finger Rock which has served as a landmark in the area for hundreds of years.  We spent a few minutes climbing on it and then came back to our car to continue our drive north.Finger Mountain Finger Mountain Finger Mountain Finger Mountain Finger Mountain Finger Mountain

The Return:

Head back on the same trail you came in.

Personal Thoughts:

 This was a nice and welcoming stop after being on the Dalton Highway for nearly 100 miles already.  If I come back here I will be making another stop at Finger Mountain to enjoy the views.

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