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by February 4, 2015


The Fenix TK41 flashlight is one of the best and brightest handheld flashlights I have found for the price range.  It is around $115 but it’s value and durability make the price justifiable.  It has a max output of 900 lumens and on the lowest setting of just 15 lumens you can use this light for 10 days straight according to Fenix the manufacturer.

It is 320 grams or about .70 pounds but when you add the batteries it is probably around 1 pound in weight.

I have used this thing in mines and caves and it works flawlessly.  In fact, it is such an incredible flashlight, as of February 3th 2015, it had 155 Amazon customer reviews and 131 reviewers gave it a 5 star rating.

Light Output Settings

It has 4 light settings (two buttons) with a strobe/SOS feature:

  1. 15 Lumens with a 240 hours run time
  2. 120 Lumens with a 27 hours run time
  3. 365 Lumens with a 8 hours and 15 minutes run time
  4. 900 Lumens with a 2 hours and 45 minutes run time
  5. Strobe/SOS setting

The downside is that it takes 8 AA batteries instead of the more ideal 18650 batteries.  I just bought 16 expensive rechargeable batteries so that I don’t have to worry about batteries again.

You will be extremely impressed by how much light this flashlight puts out.   The throw is incredible.  I could see for several hundred yards and it even works under water for a couple of feet, though I don’t recommend you do submerse it for too long.  I did try it underwater at a hot spring down near Richfield Utah.  It worked perfectly and still provided, as you can imagine, a ton of light.

You can see in the two pictures below just how bright it lights up a mine.

What’s Included?

You get the flashlight, a plastic case, replacement gaskets and a leash.

Overall Impression

I am very happy with my Fenix TK41.  I bring it with me everywhere: camping, hiking, mining or even when I go running outside at night.  It is a durable flashlight and I am still impressed by how well it looks even though I purchased it almost two years ago and the countless adventures it has joined me on.  If you are looking for a very bright flashlight that will last many years to come then consider purchasing the Fenix TK41.


I have found this on Amazon and other retailers from about $95 to $120.

Light Test

I did a light test of all four output settings so you can see and compare.  I went outside to a local trail to test my light.  The trees in the far background are about 100 yards away.

15 Lumens setting

15 Lumens setting

120 Lumens setting

120 Lumens setting

365 Lumens setting

365 Lumens setting

900 Lumens setting

900 Lumens setting

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Great throw, long lasting, several output settings


Takes 8 AA batteries. Price is high.

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The Bottom Line

A very, very bright flashlight that is versatile and very durable.

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