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Deep Creek Mountains – Trout Creek

Deep Creek Mountains, Utah


Mines, Old Building, Huge Mountains

Elevation Gain/Loss

Different trails gain over 1,000 feet of elevation

Time Required

2-5 Hours





Water Info

Trout Creek runs year round where you can filter water. I packed in my own.

Best Season

Spring, Summer, Fall

Sun Exposure

Very little to no shade

Trail Condition

The main Trout Creek road is easy but the side trails are quite rough and narrow. 4x4 ATV's or dirt bikes are recommended. Remember to stay on the obvious trails so not to damage the area. People are actively trying to shut down the area to make wilderness. Be respectful so we can all enjoy it for a long time.



Visitor Center






GPS Coordinates:

Trout Creek Turnoff:39.74743 N, 113.80666 W

The Trail:

Trout Creek is an ATV/Jeep trail in the Deep Creek Mountains. The Deeps are south of Wendover and are the tallest range in the West Desert. They rise 7,800 feet from the desert to heights over 12,000 feet. This is a VERY remote area and only those properly prepared should visit. You need to pack everything to be self sufficient as this isn’t an area you want to break down in and be stranded. With that said the Deep Creeks are one of the most incredible areas I have ever visited. We spent three days and could easily spend three more. Its a gorgeous area with lots of historical relics and buildings to see. The Deeps are a gorgeous range for sure.

Trout Creek is two canyons south from the more well known Granite Creek. This trek will show spots in Horse Canyon as well which is between Trout and Granite. The road into this canyon is not very long but there are a lot of old mining and farming relics that are fun to see. Its perfect to explore for an evening. The creek is also very pretty as it drains off of Red Mountain thousands of feet above. Red Mountain sits at 11,565 feet. You can see why it has the name Red Peak. Although we were on ATV’s this would be a great place to do some hiking as well.

The coordinates to Trout Creek from the main road are in the section above. Other than that I chose not to give specific coordinates for this area. I think its a great one to just get out and explore and see what you can find. I’m sure there are more things we didn’t see. If you have been and seen other things please share with us! We would love to see! As far as the riding goes in the main Trout Creek road any high clearance vehicle would be fine but to explore some of the side trails you would need an ATV and 4×4 was definitely handy in a few spots. The trails are very rocky. I don’t recommend taking beginners anywhere off the main road. This area is extremely important to stay on the obviously traveled roads and trails. The area is actively trying to be made into wilderness and was actually recently reopened from the Wilderness Study Area after the locals won a lawsuit showing historical use of the roads in the areas. It is extremely important that we treat this area with respect so we can all enjoy it for years to come.

The first area we saw was an old stone cabin beautifully watched over by the mountains.

Next we explored some kind of old mill or rock crusher. I’m not sure what it was used for. If someone knows what was done here I would love to know. We did have to get our feet wet crossing the swift moving creek to get to this spot.

There was one spot where I assume they got gravel but it was a large open hole and we couldn’t resist a corny injury picture.

In another spot we found an old mining office that I assume was from sometime in the 50’s or 60’s. It was still in very good shape.

The coordinates are:

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The last spot we explored was a really cool mine that was still open. There was a cool track system leading out to where they would load ore. The mine only had a little bit to explore before it was just a vertical shaft. Not as deep as the signs make it seem but you still would not be able to climb out so be extremely careful.

The coordinates are:

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Personal Thoughts:

I loved my time in the Deep Creeks. Its a great range with lots of scenery and history of mining. Trout Creek is definitely a fun couple hours to explore. I know there is more here to be found as well!

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