We like to do things differently at The Trek Planner.  You won’t see many ads on our website – we don’t have annoying ads popping up everywhere.  Our focus is on content: lots of pictures, details, maps and information.  We believe that quality will always win over quantity.

If you have any questions about the information listed on The Trek Planner website we will be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can.  We would love to hear from you!

The Trek Planner Administration

Jeff Johnson

From Kaysville Utah but Jeff has spent many years working in Alaska near Denali National Park.  Jeff has always enjoyed exploring new places and sometimes he will pick a random place on a map that he’s never been to and just go drive there.

Jeff started The Trek Planner back in 2012 after being tired of seeing other outdoor websites skimping on the details and pictures.  He looked up hikes on certain websites and found that the information was lacking or misleading and he knew that he could do better.  So Jeff started an outdoor blog style website which was originally named Trek Trax for a few weeks before changing the name to what it is now.  The Trek Planner is all about keeping our posts in uniform fashion and providing excellent guide information so that you can plan your treks with no hassle.

Trevor Parker

Raised in Utah, Trevor grew up exploring the woods behind his neighborhood that connected to the wide mountains. His exploration grew longer and farther the older he got. He has been an active caver since 2005, including acting as Chair to the Wasatch Grotto. He has been a backpacking guide, outdoor gear photographer (for companies such as Black Diamond), and been an EMS Wilderness First Responder. He has set foot on every continent but Antartica (just wait!), has lived in Europe, slept in mud huts in Africa, slapped a wild bear, been chased by baboons, ridden a camel, and herded goats.

Trevor currently lives with his beautiful wife (featured in many of these treks) near Salt Lake City and works as a professional photographer and video producer.

Josh Oyler

Josh was raised in Utah where he learned early on in life how much he loved scouting, exploring the Desert, and Mountains. He especially loved his time spent in Canyonlands National Park, and staying at a family cabin in Island Park, Idaho where he spent many trips exploring Yellowstone.

As a teenager he found his passion in exploring the outdoors by ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Trucks, Wave Runners, hiking, and Bikes. He has logged thousands of miles exploring off road trails and spent many beautiful nights out in the wild. He currently lives in Cache Valley, Utah with his wife and son who are featured in many treks where they enjoy scenic drives, photography, wildlife and bird watching together. Feel free to email him with questions on any treks.