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by February 5, 2015


After years of being unsatisfied with my headlamp and doing what seemed like hundreds of hours worth of research I finally came across this headlamp on Amazon.  I was skeptical at first because there were dozens of knock-offs that looked similar and were around the same $15 price range.  After reading some of the 406 customer reviews I figured I would buy this headlamp and give it a try.  After all, it was only $15!

When I first got this light I was disappointed at first by the “waterproof” claim.  It is definitely not waterproof but at best, a little water resistant – I wouldn’t risk it in any type of moisture.  It will not last if it is dunked in water.  But I don’t care about that anyway.  I just needed a very bright headlamp that will last a good 5+ hours.

It is VERY bright

This headlamp is BRIGHT!  I couldn’t believe how far the throw of the beam was. This light uses a CREE bulb with a claim of 1600 lumens which is of course completely ludicrous.  It probably has an output of more like 250-350 lumens which is still incredibly bright for a cheap headlamp.   And it only takes 2 included 18650 batteries which also comes with a charger.  This light beats the socks off of other headlamps and I have used this for 6 hour periods inside abandoned mines and caves without it even flickering.


The downside is that it is cheap quality.  My friends and I joke and call this the “China Light” because it is Made in China and the price is real cheap.  But it is even more funny that these same friends have also bought this light.  That being said, I have used this headlamp in dozens of our mining adventures and it has held up quite nicely.

You can buy these on amazon


Very bright, long lasting


Claimed to be waterproof - it is definitely not waterproof. Not super durable.

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The Bottom Line

Solid performing headlamp that is very bright.

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So what is the name of this headlamp that I should be searching for on Amazon? Just type in “china light”?

My brand is Windfire. But there are several brands that are all essentially the same. Some have battery packs attached, on the back of the head strap. Some have larger, detachable packs that make it usable for mounting on bikes. That is the kind I personally have. Mine has a battery pack with 6 18650s that I put in my backpack. Keeps my helmet lighter (weight-wise) and my light will stay on for twice as long as any of the others. However, I have a cable running down my back and into my backpack that can snag. Also is an… Read more »