Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park – New Mexico

GPS Coordinates: Carlsbad Caverns National Park: 32.175386°, -104.444191° Trail Map Carlsbad Caverns National Park Map Click on the map to make it zoomable. Driving Directions The park is located about 40 minutes from Carlsbad New Mexico. The Trail: Note: I highly recommend you bring flashlights!  Flashlights made our trip through the caverns so much more enjoyable.  I was surprised by how few people brought lights down in the caves - it just made sense to us to bring some light for our own exploring.  Also, you are NOT allowed to bring in your own food to the caves.  You are only allowed to bring in your own water. Carlsbad Caverns National Park has a very large and complex cave system near Carlsbad, New Mexico - in all I think there are around 115+ caves in the National Park.  As a person who loves mines and caves I knew I would have a ...
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Kings Palace – Carlsbad Caverns National Park

GPS Coordinates: Carlsbad Caverns National Park: 32.175386°, -104.444191° Trail Map Just follow the Green trail for the Kings Palace guided tour Driving Directions The Trail: Please note: children under four years of age are not permitted on the Kings Palace tour.  Please contact Carlsbad Caverns National Park if you have any questions. Carlsbad Caverns has many areas for you to explore on your own through an interpretive trail.  The Kings Palace however is one of the few areas that requires a reservation and a ranger guide in order to explore. We began our tour by going down the elevator shaft, which is located in the visitor center, that drops more than 700 feet below the surface to the Rest Area and Lunch Room (see park map).  The Lunch Room has several items for purchase including drinks, sandwiches and salads with lots of tables for dining.  There is also a drinking fountain and restrooms located ...
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Rattlesnake Springs – Carlsbad Caverns National Park

GPS Coordinates: Picnic Area: 32.111453°, -104.465751° Rattlesnake Springs: 32.109652°, -104.471820° Trail Map Driving Directions The Trail: During a visit to Carlsbad Caverns, we asked one of the rangers what other places he would suggest we see in the area. His immediate response was Rattlesnake Springs. Rattlesnake Springs was an important part of American Indians and later ranchers in the area.  It was purchased and now used by Carlsbad Caverns National Park for the water. The entrance was easy to find.  It is gated but it is open.  Drive a little ways down until you come to the large grassy picnic area. The picnic area had lots of trees providing the shade.  There must have been a dozen picnic benches with grills.  This is a great place to escape the hot desert and come relax under the shade. Keep driving down the dirt path until you come to the springs.  There are several structures and ...
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