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Bowman Trail

Millcreek Canyon, Northern Utah


Big mountains, pine trees, and perhaps moose, deer, or elk.


5.7 miles round trip.

Parking Lot Elevation

6,252 ft

Summit Elevation

8,335 ft

Elevation Gain/Loss

~2,100 ft

Time Required

2 - 4 hrs


Dogs must be leashed in the entire canyon on even-numbered days and may be off-leash on odd days ONLY. Dogs must be leashed on all days in developed areas: picnic grounds, parking lots, roads, and housing developments. Dogs are not allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon just over the ridge.


$3 per car.

Water Info

No water. Various small streams cross the path for the first half of the hike.

Best Season

Early summer or Autumn.


Any. Rangers stop charging fees after around 10pm. Just saying...

Sun Exposure


Trail Condition

Good. There is a clear trail, with signs at crossroads.


At trailhead.

Visitor Center



Canyon group sites range from $35 - $60. Backcountry camping is allowed but must be at least 1/2 mile off the road and 200 feet from developed areas and water. Check for fire restrictions, which are frequent.




Sturdy shoes or boots are needed. A jacket may be nice in spring or fall due to wind once you are up on the ridges.

The Bowman Trail is a great secret up Millcreek canyon. It is moderately and consistently steep, has great views, and can be a half day or full day hike. It is similar to the popular Desolation Trail, which is near the mouth of the canyon, only with far fewer people on it. And it is more isolated from the city, giving you a greater sense of wilderness.

GPS Coordinates:

Turn off Main Road: 40.699980°, -111.716432°
Trailhead:  40.696861°, -111.716073°
Overlook: 40.680992°, -111.695222°

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

The trail starts already in pine trees. The pines grow thicker and taller as you go.

The lower part of the trail.

The lower part of the trail.

The first leg of the hike is fairly flat, but once you cross the stream it will shortly head up the mountain steeply.

Lots of flowers when I went, in mid June.

Lots of flowers when I went, in mid June.

The trail climbs to the shoulder of the ridge and then flattens out a bit.

The last leg of the hike has great views peaking through the trees.

The last leg of the hike has great views peaking through the trees.

Bowman Higher Ridge, Nearing the Lookout.

Bowman Higher Ridge, Nearing the Lookout.

We stopped at the basin overlook. The trail pushes up through a grove of aspens, popping us out on a small bare ridge. It has great views and is a very pretty spot.

The view of unnamed mountains. Top of Neff's Canyon.

The view of Mount Raymond. Top of Porter Canyon.

There were tons of flowers around as well.
Bowman 09

Bowman 08

Stat Graphs.

Stat Graphs.

Again, I started at the top and tracked our way back down.

The Return:

We had worked out as much as we wanted to, and had time to. So we headed back down the trail as the sun set.

Aspen  tree in the sunset.

Aspen tree in the sunset.

The sunset looking down the canyon.

The sunset looking down the canyon.

External Links for Info:

Forest Service: Bowman Fork

Camping Info

General Millcreek Hiking Info from

Personal Thoughts:

This was a great hike. I loved the views, the lack of people, and the fresh air. I plan on doing it again in 2015 and going a little farther to the Baker Mine. Stay tuned.

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