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Bountiful Peak ATV Trails

Bountiful, Utah


Wasatch Mountains


20-50 Miles

Parking Lot Elevation


Summit Elevation


Time Required

2-6 Hours





Water Info

There is little shade so definitely bring some water

Best Season

Summer, Fall

Sun Exposure

There is a mix of trees and sun but more on the sun side of things.

Trail Condition

Well graded gravel road at its easiest and a rough 50 inch wide ATV trail with some large rocks to maneuver through.


At trail head

Visitor Center




Family Friendly?


GPS Coordinates:

Trail Head:40.89542 N, 111.84546 W

Trail Map

Driving Directions

The Trail:

The Bountiful Peak area is the start of a large system of trails that can take you all the way to Farmington. This trek will cover all the way to the North end of Skyline Drive where the Farmington Canyon Trek will take over. This area is mostly open to all vehicles but there are two sections of trail that are only open to vehicles 50 inches wide or less. Please obey these laws. The road starts out as a well graded gravel road that can be quite busy on summer weekends. Use caution around all blind turns. The road is called Ward Canyon. There is also a rougher option called the Old Ward Canyon Road that won’t be passable by most stock vehicles and can be fun for ATV’s and lifted 4×4’s. At the junction of Ward Canyon and Old Ward Canyon you will see the first 50 inch trail #605. This rough and fun trail will meet the main road again after about a mile.

Near the end of this trail you will see trail 606 split off Ward Canyon on the right. This is called the Tuttle Loop and is again a 50 inch only trail. The two are both very rocky and will require 4×4. These can be steep and are not for beginners but they are a lot of fun for those who are confident. The Tuttle loop trail will pop you out on road 815 near the end of the road and overlook.

Back on the main Ward Canyon Road you will get great views of Bountiful below you and the mountains to the South toward Salt Lake.

Eventually you will come to a fork. We will start with the left. This will take you up Skyline Drive. The road stays pretty easy and quickly climbs and follows along the ridge for several miles until you meet the Farmington Canyon trails.

You get great close up views of Bountiful Peak itself.

You can also see north to Francis Peak and Gold Hill to the East.

Now back at the junction at the top of Ward Canyon if you take a right it will take you on the Sessions Mountain Road for a couple miles before it dead ends at a gorgeous viewpoint of Grandview Peak.

You will be able to look to the north and again get great views of both Bountiful and Francis Peaks.

The Return:

Depending which order you do these trails you can either return to Bountiful or go all the way to Farmington.

Personal Thoughts:

This trail system is awesome I have been here many times growing up in Davis County and the views are always great! I highly recommend this area to anyone!

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