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Bear River Greenway – Evanston Wyoming

Downtown Evanston, Wyoming


Wildlife, ponds, Bear River

Parking Lot Elevation

6757 ft

Summit Elevation


Elevation Gain/Loss


Time Required

1+ hours


Allowed on leash


Only if you want to rent one of the facilities.

Water Info

Bring water depending on your activity. There are multiple ponds areas and you will be close by the Bear River too.

Best Season

Probably Summer



Sun Exposure

Half shade, half sun

Trail Condition

Concrete trail with several dirt path areas. Several miles of walking, jogging or biking trails for use



Visitor Center

Yes and information booths scattered around the area




Bring snacks and food depending on your activity


You can walk, job, walk your pet along the trail or you can kayak, tube or raft the river.

Many ponds, trees, bushes and other people are plentiful on this trek.  It is near train tracks and a major interstate so don’t exactly expect a quiet afternoon.  You can rent out the community center for a fee.  There are many other activities to do depending on the season.

For rental fees please see here.

GPS Coordinates:

Parking Lot: 41° 16.156’N, 110° 57.653’W
Ice Ponds: 41° 16.186’N, 110° 57.374’W
Southeast Parking Lot: 41° 15.512’N, 110° 55.922’W
BEAR Tales Fire Pit: 41° 16.141’N, 110° 57.049’W

Trail Map:

Driving Directions:

Located in downtown Evanston Wyoming.  There are several parking locations.  The one to the right is the largest parking lot.

The Trail:

Main entrance to the park

Main entrance to the park

The Bear River Greenway is a great way to see Evanston.  I found this area accidentally because as I was driving on the overpass I saw a giant pond in the middle of the city so I decided to try and check it out.  It ended up being the Bear River Greenway.

There are multiple parking areas that feature hundreds of parking spots.

The area is close to downtown Evanston and the several hours I visited here I heard several trains roll by and I could hear the interstate traffic everywhere I went.  However, as I was enjoying the area and not paying attention to the sounds of trucks going by I began to see that this is an amazing place.

Bear River Greenway Bear River Greenway

Ice Ponds

Ice Ponds

There are numerous ice ponds where back in the day they would use the ice for the rail cars hauling produce.  The ponds are apparently stocked with trout and swimming is simply discouraged – though I can’t imagine too many people wanting to swim in the ice ponds.

Bear River Greenway Bear River Greenway

Muskrat under the ice

Muskrat under the ice

I was checking out the ice ponds when I saw this muskrat swimming under the ice near the banks.  It was waiting for me to leave and when I left it’s sight it made an appearance on land and then quickly jumped back in the cold water.

There are exercise stations all around the ice ponds sponsored by the Rotary Club.  I had the chance to try them all.  From push-ups, leg press machine, seated bench press and other work out machines, this area is great for getting in shape.

You can rent this facility

You can rent this facility

There is a community center with a kitchen, fireplace, seating for up to 80 guests, BBQ pit and more.  There are fees with this including if you want to have alcohol at your event.  This center is near the ice ponds.

Neat area with a cool bridge over the Bear River

Neat area with a cool bridge over the Bear River

The trail circles around the lake and follows the Bear River closely.  There is an area called the BEAR tales fire circle complete with a fire pit and seats for dozens of people.

Bear River Greenway Bear River Greenway Bear River Greenway

The trail continues by the Bear River for several more miles to several different parking lots scattered around the trail.

The Return:

Head back towards your car.

Personal Thoughts:

Although I have only been to this location in the late fall I really want to come back and try floating the river in tubes.  I think this area has immense potential and if I travel through Evanston again I will stop for a walk or bring lunch here. Great area for the family too.

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Bear River Greenway Ice Ponds

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