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City of Rocks – Bath Rock Hike

City of Rocks National Reserve, Idaho


Less than 1 mile

Elevation Gain/Loss

I would guess the rock is about 80 feet tall

Time Required

1-2 Hours


Currently pets are allowed on the trails here ON leash. You are not the exception to this rule. There have recently been enough dog issues that the park service is considering banning pets and they will give out citations for violations. Dogs will be fine around the base but if you want to climb bath rock a dog would not make it.


No fees unless you are camping

Water Info

Pack at least a small water bottle for this hike since it can get hot in the sun.

Best Season

Any (would be dangerous if snow is on the rock)

Sun Exposure

No shade

Trail Condition

Easy footpath around the base and a step assisted climb up the rock



Visitor Center



Yes (make sure to reserve a spot in advance during the summer because sites fill up quick)


In Almo


Very sturdy shoes with good grip. (No sandals)

Family Friendly?

Yes but only for teenagers and older who are not afraid of heights.

GPS Coordinates:

Bath Rock:42.07547 N, 113.72223 W

Driving Directions

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The Trail:

Bath Rock is one of the most prominent features at City of Rocks National Reserve. This park is located on the border of Utah and Idaho on the Idaho Side. For more info on the park browse our site for other hikes and activities here or visit the park service website HERE. This landmark is in open view from several spots including the great view from the nearby Creekside Towers Trail.

There is a large parking area and a sign at Bath Rock.

The trail circles the entire rock but for the more adventurous you can climb to the top and enjoy great panoramic views of the reserve. The trail is very easy and short and the climb is suitable for most 12 years and older that are not afraid of heights. I hiked in a clockwise direction from the parking lot.

The views are great the entire way. 

Off in the distance you will get a nice view of the Twin Sisters which are the highest feature in the park at nearly 700 feet.

Once on the west side you will see the area that you can climb. If you are nervous do not attempt because it is totally exposed. You will not need any technical equipment outside of a good pair of shoes.

In a couple of the steepest spots they have put small metal steps to help with the ascent. (and descent)

Once on top you will see the large pothole that gave Bath Rock its name. There was no water this day.

You can also see the parking lot far below you.

The views from the top are awesome and give you a birds eye view of the crazy geology in the area.

The Return:

You will need to return the same way you climbed up. Its the easiest and really the only safe way I found without using ropes to rappel.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a great and short hike that gives great birdseye views of the area and is fun for anyone that likes rock scrambling.

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It looks like it would be a fun place to practice rappelling skills up there too.

It looks like there could be many hiking trails up there too? Is it similar to Goblin Valley in the essence that you hike where you want to?